Virgo is one my favorite constellations but it is riddled with challenges if you have Sun, Moon or Rising sign here.  It is a more material and business orientated planet that strives for spirituality. The sign is challenged by its quest to seek perfection in everything and being disappointed when it cannot be realized.  Virgo’s purpose is to work with their material life to perfection and not be dissatisfied with it. If they stop thinking of the future and start accepting their life the way it is and enjoying it, much of the dissatisfaction will go away. They are at war with their own imperfections and the imperfections of others but they need to dive deep and find the humor to lighten their worries. They tend to be humble and wanting to be anonymous rather than be in the light like Leo and often the first constellation of Virgo, connected to the Sun who owns the 12th house creates strong desire for fame and being seen but at the same time wanting to hide in the cave and not be seen.

Saturn will stir up Virgo’s perfectionism this year.  The Sun has an afflicted transit in Virgo this year with the 10th house square from Saturn, which is exact into Oct 7th  and will have a strong influence September Oct 4-10th  impacting health and problems with government, fathers and authority figures. The problem with this transit is that one cannot consider their own needs enough and may be taken advantage by superiors. There are disappointments with married life and some depression and one can become victimized by doing too much volunteer work.

Sun moves into the constellation of Uttara Phalguni on Tuesday, September 17th-Sept. 27th which is one of the constellations of the zodiac commonly known as the social worker that helps friends in need and has great skills in healing and counseling. On a spiritual level, this transit will inspire compassion from the caring side of Virgo and in a sense, it is a time to reach out into the community and help the homeless and the poor and those who have been left behind. It is a time to do spiritual service work to accumulate merit to move on through your spiritual growth. It could create a turning point for you if you have been stuck in the more material aspect of artistic illusion in order to move more deeply into the Divine. Connection to Durga and the creative impulse of Mother Divine can help move through the Maya of the material world and toward moving beyond the illusion into the true nature of the Divine.

So, enjoy  Virgo and move into your creative realms and start great projects to benefit mankind. Bring out the kind and compassionate energy of Virgo, the Divine Mother who deeply cares for her children. Move beyond the material realm of new gadgets to the Christian ethos of helping those in need. Suns’ transit here will bring out more dynamic energy to lead by example and foster compassion in a crazy world.

Special thanks to my colleagues , Komilla Sutton and Sam Geppi for their continuing insights into this sign.

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Om Tat Sat.

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