MERCURY IN SCORPIO:  Oct 23rd- Nov 7th;  Dec. 5-Dec. 25th

Mercury the trickster and jokester, the businessman and the one that grounds us to practical earthy matters and fosters communication and writing will be transiting the sign of Scorpio ffor two weeks starting Wednesday and will retrograde out of there back into Libra on Nov. 7th and will return to Scorpio on Dec. 5th.   It will complete part of its retrograde motion in a  water signs this year stirring up old emotional grunge to heal. What does it mean? Mars, the ruler of Scorpio and Mercury are the bitterest enemies. At best, it may create quick-witted speaking, strength in technical and mechanical and medical work and being quick to solve problems. I often find in finance it may lead to deals and corporate takeovers

Mercury is relatively unafflicted in Scorpio and benefits from Jupiter at the end other end of the sign and then from Venus in late October. It is  still in an enemy’s sign which at best will support strategic planning and at the worst may lead to hot-heated debates and arguments.

For most of the two weeks,   it is channeling the Jupiter’s energy in Vishaka Nakshatra (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) but will move into and then channel’s Saturn’s energy in Anaradha (Scorpio 3.21-16.40) for just 3 days Oct. 30-Nov. 1st.

For the two weeks it is in Scorpio, it is exchanging signs with Mars in Mercury’s sign of Virgo know as a Parivartana yoga.  The dark side of Mars/Mercury associations is that it creates angry moods, slow deliberate thinking, strong achievement and ambition, aggressive confrontations and arguments, and ruthlessness around achieving ones’ goals. Also, you have to be very careful to not get into heated arguments while driving as this can lead to reckless behavior and potential accidents. I often find that accidents are a pinnacle of rage that bubbles up in arguments. So, if this happens to you, pullover, and fight it out — but not while driving. You may need to be most careful here particularly if you have a Mars/Mercury association in your natal chart.

Mercury in the natural 8th house of Scorpio is about transcendental thinking. If you were born with Mercury in the 8th, you may be  quick minded, have good research abilities and mystical interests, deep meditations and philosophical insights.  This transit could support deep research and occult inquiries.

Jupiter’s association with Mercury in the same house is distant with Jupiter at 28/29 degrees but Jupiter is also in Mercury’s constellation of Jyestha so there is a strong association.   The two weeks   will give an expansive influence  and is a good time for learning and insight. It’s favorable for publishing, hosting seminars, classes, children’s education, music, dance, art and general wisdom in business.

Mercury goes retrograde Oct 31st-Nov. 20th here so plan ahead for this during Oct 20-31st  and expect a lot of deep chances for transformation in this intense sign. Time to get major book projects and computer projects tied down before this happen.  Because it is in Scorpio, Virgos will have trouble with a 3rd house transit.

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