Sun is conjunct Ketu in the mean node system on Dec. 30th  and and there is usually a 3 degree orb of influence which means until Jan. 2nd  and it is a kind of Solar Eclipse hang-over.

Sun and Ketu are both fiery planets and their conjunct will increase that element. This transit brings up a lot of rajasic energy which creates a lot of fiery energy to want to change everything.  There is not enough calming satvic energy to keep one balanced.  One may want to fly off the handle in all directions or lash out a boss or supervisor or loved one if you cannot reign in this energy. Drink coconut water or coconut milk to calm the fire. Channel the energy into exercise, drink calming herbal teas and stay away from spicy food which will fan the flames.  Find ways to ground yourself with gentle yoga, long walks in cool woods or being near more water.

If you have this in your natal chart within 3 degrees it will be activated particularly if you have a birthday Dec. 26-Jan. 2nd this week. This can bring up past regrets and karma blocking living in the present moment. It could lead to loss of reputation or embarrassment if you have that natal signature in your chart and you may feel unsupported from organizations or government. It could bring up difficult energy with your father and wanting to shed past dark energy here and feelings of rejection or guilt. For Leo rising it can lead to some low self-esteem as Ketu or a desire to go into deep meditation or take a retreat.

This combination can bring up disappointment and unexpected problems can rear up .  Have to be careful with speculation  and not beat yourself up too much as inferiority complexes can manifest. Stay on top of health, fatigue, resentment, rebellion a and physical and emotional excesses as these can all manifest from this combination. Learn to be flexible and see other points of view as stubbornness and entrenched egos can develop and watch over-work.

The lunar eclipse on Jan 10th  will climax this energy with the full moon between Moon in Gemini   and with  Sun conjunct Ketu in Sagittarius  so the emotions arising from this eclipse will be intense around the above. See our upcoming  article on the Lunar Eclipse.

Again, charts are very individual and we do not ever want to stereotype people by sign but sometimes its a way of putting one’s finger right away on a core problem for the person’s entire life. If you are Sagittarius Rising or Gemini Rising and  if you key planets at 10-16 degrees Sagittarius  and if you are in a Sun/Ketu or Ketu/Sun period, then the impact of this transit may be most marked.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their insights on these nodal conjunctions.


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