EYE ON THE SKY: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius:  Dec. 27-28th

In Medieval astrology and by experience, Sun conjunctions are very powerful in a positive way.  Medieval astrologers used to refer to this condition as, Cazimi, or being “in the heart” of the Sun. Instead of burning up the planet and preventing it from producing its significations, Cazimi gives the combust planet a spiritual boost that adds strength to the planet rather than weakening it so the planet is actually not harmed or overpowered by the Sun’s fiery light. This can lead to  an enhanced state where the planet becomes inseparable with our spirit.  There is a disagreement around the intensity of Cazimi from 17-40 minutes but I think that even an orb of 1 degree in a natal chart or transit can be looked at.  .

Jupiter is conjunct the Sun on Dec. 27th at 1:26 pm  EST which means some of the energy will overlap into early Saturday   For Leos, the energy will be very high and charged with wisdom, confidence, enthusiasm, expansion and comfort as the Sun will take on the energy of Jupiter and they are friends, so the Sun is uplifted. I think the Solar Eclipse was not bad this year as it was conjunct Jupiter and it gave great optimism and would have been different if it were conjunct Saturn.

For a day, Jupiter will be infused with Divine optimism and energy.  Still for Jupiter, and Pisces and Sagittarius rising, it is not a great thing the few days before and afterwards.   The Jupiter combustion creates false optimism, which can feel great, but then reality can set in after all the false hopes.

Make practical decisions over the next few weeks and stay out of the Pisces cloud of optimism. Jupiter governs the liver and it may be afflicted these next few weeks so drink fresh organic squeezed lemon in some hot water in the morning to get that liver moving. All forms of the twist in Hatha yoga support the liver and help squeeze out toxins. You may need to do the Cow face pose (Gomukhasana) to energize the liver over the next few weeks.

The good thing about the conjunction is that those ruled by the Sun are energized greatly by Jupiter’s exalted warmth and this may help leadership and self-confidence. All of this is taking place in Ketu’s constellation of  of Mula (Sagittarius 0-13.20) , which brings in Nirriti the goddess that moves us toward Moksha and letting go so it can have a very spiritual influnce but also painful on the material level sometimes.

So Friday/Saturday  looks to be a very spiritual day so enjoy church or going to temple or doing your spiritual practices as there will be extra energy.


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