With all the hype about the eclipse, as usual it always has a delayed effect and can have an impact through the next Solar eclipse on June 21, 2020. Because the eclipse was conjunct Jupiter within a degree, I sense that Jupiter’s grace softened its impact although it probably was not great for Pisces of Sagittarius rising,  I did not sense it was a terrible eclipse.

The eclipse was at 10 degrees Sagittarius and Ketu is at about 14 degrees Sagittarius so when planets go over those key points, they are more likely to trigger more dramatic events.  The Sun will be conjunct Ketu on Monday, Dec 29th  and we have written about this and how it can lead to fiery eruptions.   Mercury will hit the eclipse point on Jan. 1st and that will impact Virgo and Geminis most and Mercury will be conjunct Ketu Jan. 3rd.   That leaves Mars, the biggest trigger hitting the eclipse point on Feb. 23rd and then Mars conjunct  Ketu on Feb. 25th and that conjunction may be more likely to be more dramatic and is often a signature for volcanic eruptions and terrorism.

The nodes have a great deal to do with the sub-conscious mental patterns and Rahu tends to create confusion and muddle the mind so it does not make clear decisions so the course of action is to not make major life decisions like changing job, getting a divorce, moving etc until the eclipse period is over by Jan. 15th .   Sun going into Capricorn/Makara will start a new year with Makara Sankranti.

The  next Lunar Eclipse is hitting Jan. 10th, 2020  at 7:21 pm GMT and 11:21 am PST at about 26 Degrees Gemini and is a bit more ominous with Saturn opposing it and Mercury conjunct the Sun.  Lunar eclipses are much more emotionally impacting and this one opposed to Saturn and Mercury will be even more disturbing for the mind.   If you have key planets at 23-29 Gemini or 23-29 Sagittarius and are in a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period or Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon period, the next eclipse may be more of a direct hit.  Remember you have to be in the above dashas and have key points of your chart hit like your natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant to really have a major event otherwise the eclipses just produce a lot of fear that is illusion.  Remember 99% of the negative and crazy thoughts that come up are nonsense and we should not act on them.

So just use the time until Makara Sankranti  on Jan.  14th when the Sun goes into Capricorn to start a new waxing solar orb.

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