Saturn moved into Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra ( Sagittarius 26.40-Capricorn 9.59) last week and stays there until Jan. 2021.   The shakti or power  of this constellation ruled by the Sun is to give unchallenged victory and tends to give a humanitarian vision of seeing all races as equal. It consists of two stars in the breast of the archer in Sagittarius and extends into Capricorn and embodies the spirit of victory over the lower nature and expression of the higher one and is a very spiritual energy that is connected to unfolding new talents on the spiritual journey inward.

Saturn and the Sun are bitter enemies but there is still a lot of strength here as Saturn is in its own sign after Jan. 23rd and vargottama in Pada 1 owned by Sagittarius until Jan. 23rd.   Still if you are born with Saturn in this constellation and it will repeat in transit, you are always looking for approval from others and feel unappreciated despite your accomplishments.  There are innate problems with authority and father figures and bosses and a tendency toward anger and resentment.  This energy will come up in transit and we worry that more conflict with government and leadership in government will be spurred by this transit.

The energy of Uttara Ashada Nakshatra is powerful for success but can be a bit brutal at times. It can create dogged determination to achieve from the Saturn energy.    At times there will be a self-centered and stubborn energy and workaholic energy that may be harsh toward others and lead to brooding, bitterness and loneliness.   This is the darker side of Saturn in Capricorn.  Make sure you combat it but joining new social groups and being in the world and balancing it with Venus and fun and music and sensual stimulation.

The first pada of the transit ( Sagittarius 26.40-29.59) is vargottama and pushkara giving it extra strength and soul integration and creative talent energy to manifest. All planets going through here Sun (Jan. 11-14) and Mercury (Jan. 11-13) and Jupiter (March 9-29)  will have extra confidence and strength to achieve their goals.  The last degree is always tricky as it is sandhi and planets in the last degree of a sign are challenged to express their energies.  Saturn will be at the last degree Jan. 16-23rd and this can increase fear, anxiety and bring out Saturn’s darker energies.

The 2nd pada (Capricorn 0.00-3.20) Jan. 3-March 6th is also vargottama and is very powerful and will support material responsibility and material manifestation and Saturn will be very strong here once it gets beyond the early degree on Feb. 1st.  The 3rd pada (Capricorn 3.20-6.40) is connected to Aquarius, a co-owner of Saturn, and will support humanitarian endeavors and social relationships and will dominate this year from April 3rd -June 19th as Saturn will go retrograde and direct in this pada on May 10th.

The 4th Pada (Capricorn 6.40-10.00)  know as Vega in the West is very auspicious and is know as Abhijit  and all planets prosper here.   Saturn will be here April 3rd-June 19th  and again Dec. 24th 2020-Jan. 23rd, 2021 and this can be time of deep success for Capricorn rising and victory and fulfillment of desires.

On the mundane level, the energy should increase social activism and fighting for humanitarian causes but will also increase tensions between the individual and government authority. Already we are seeing a huge backlash in Virginia to the mandate to confiscate guns vs. the creation of sanctuary counties for the ability to own guns and support the 2nd amendment.  Other areas around the country are passing legistation to support the 2nd amendment.  This issue is likely to increase with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction with government forcing 5G and vaccinations programs down the throats of its citizens.   We are concerned that Saturn in this nakshatra will increase violence and railing against government officials.  The likely acquittal of Trump by the Senate will not be appreciated in New York and California and Oregon where demonstrations and rioting are likely to lead to violence.  Increase activism to support migrants and tensions with sanctuary cities is likely to manifest this year.

With government vs. the individual, its   hard to fight city hall and encrusted politicians and this can lead to frustration so volunteer for charitable groups that make a difference rather than railing and getting violent in the streets. This rarely ends well.

We are working on a larger article on Saturn in Capricorn and will publish in January.    Get our insights into Mundane astrology and the transits for 2020 at our Annual Transit Review 2020 and also see how it impacts your personal life.

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Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for their deep insights on this constellation.

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