The first part of Scorpio is connected to the constellation of Anuradha which runs (Scorpio 3.20-16.40) and the Mars  transits there between Dec. 30-Jan. 19th.  The constellation of Anuradha is connected to Mitra, the God of Light and this transit can awaken one connection to the Divine.  This can really enliven and awaken spiritual life. If your Sun is in this constellation and you  were born Nov. 19-Dec. 2nd, you may have a strong spiritual inclination which will be enlivened by this transit.

Prash Trivedi notes that natives who have their rising sign or key planets here like the lord of their chart are good at putting people at ease and love to negotiate between people and organizations and are very interested in astrology ad the occult and hidden and secretive knowledge.   They tend to be sensitive individuals despite a tough exterior.  People born this constellation tend to make good leaders.   They are fond of foreign travel. If you were born with key planets in this constellation you have good organizational skills if Saturn is strong elsewhere in the chart and are good at calling others into action and organizing spiritual events and are great at making friends but may be prone to problems with jealousy or controlling others.

Mars in this constellation has to adopt the Nike slogan, “Just do it.” Mars wants to act but Saturn’s energy can restrict it and create friction and frustration.  So do not think too much but just do stuff and do not hesitate.  This constellation can lead Mars’s owned signs like Aries and Scorpio to work on self-development and take seminars to improve their deficiencies.

The connection of Mars to Mitra, who is connected to the Sun brings Divine shakti and pure-noble-mindedness without jealousy or hostility to help negotiate and bring truth and support and so hopefully this transit will help Congress but they may be asking too much. . Use the energy to negotiate good deals and to continue your spiritual searching.

Saturn’s ownership of this constellation can bring great teachings of cosmic truths if you can lean to move to the highest level of knowledge of responsibility for the planet and Self-realization. Still Saturn in transit is still connected to the Sun and Pluto now where old karma gets dug up to to heal so I think this Mars transit through Saturn’s star will not be without some pain and frustration this time around as Saturn moves closer to Pluto into Jan. 12th and we have not seen a Saturn/Pluto conjunction since Nov. 1982 and it is a major event and we have written about it and will write more.

Special thanks to Prash Trivedi, Komilla Sutton and Dennis Harness for their insights on this constellation.


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