The  Saturn/Pluto conjunction is exact into Jan. 12th and it will be felt very strongly now Saturn and Pluto are within 1 degree of each other and then exact on Jan. 12th and not separating beyond the key two degree mark until after Feb. 4th.   (There are no fences in the sky even if Saturn will be in Capricorn after Jan. 24th) .   As a Neo-Vedic astrologer, I cannot deny the power of Pluto and have experienced it too many times. With Saturn is afflicted  the  darker side of Saturn can come out with gloominess, depression, work-alcoholism, fear, anxiety, dread, foreboding and general intensity. If you have key planets at 27 Sagittarius-1 degree Capricorn or even the square points at the end of Aquarius and the beginning of Pisces or across the way at Gemini 27-Cancer 1 or Leo 27-Virgo 1) you will feel the intensity and also for Saturn owned ascendants like Capricorn and Aquarius or if your Atmakaraka, the planet with the highest degree in your chart, is ruled by Saturn.

The intensity will be amplified as we move into the Lunar eclipse on Jan. 10th which is opposed by Saturn and the fact that our friend Jupiter will be afflicted  and  will be conjunct Ketu on Jan. 8th.   Stay on top of meditation, exercise and yoga to balance out the intense energy and avoid addictive and bad habits.   Accept your own imperfections and know that God is not judging of them so do not be hard on yourself.  The good news is that Jupiter is the dispositor for Saturn and Pluto at least until Jan. 24th and will hold things up for positive transformation with God’s grace.

While Vedic astrologers often ignore Pluto,  Dennis Harness in his work has noted that palm leaves in a museum in Chennai predicting  the coming of 3 more planets including Pluto and from years of experience with Pluto, one cannot deny its power and connection to Shiva and Yama with its  transformational energy.

The last time we had a Saturn/Pluto conjunction was Nov. 8th, 1982 at Libra 4 degrees.    In Mundane astrology the Social Party of Spain was formed them and a major civil war in Sri Lanka started.  Given the intense movement toward socialism in the world now and the huge amount of civil unrest in South America and Hong Kong and France and other places, we could see all of this intensify.

In personal astrology this cycle forces one to make difficult changes in your life that have outlived their usefulness. Depending on what house is impacted in your chart by Sagittarius this may be connected to work (10th house) for Pisces rising , relationship for Gemini Rising (7th house) or home  for Virgo rising (4th house) or many other varieties.  The energy for this has been building up for the last few years with Saturn in Sagittarius and will climax for wanting to make big changes in your life.  With the confusion of the eclipse energy until Jan. 15th, wait at least until then before making major decisions.

It is said that if you have your natal Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto is going over it in the 27-29 degree area, it would denote a stressful period in your life where inevitable transformations need to happen and this will happen only after considerable difficulty.  One is usually caught between a rock and hard place in needing to give something up that is particularly difficult to give up like a non-useful relationship or a job that is killing you. There may be a tendency to persist to make things work but inevitably the pressure mounts and you have to make the changes and you cannot avoid the inevitable.

On a psychological level, there is great power to complete psychological transformation and have a breakthrough. But the process is tiring and slow and some old structure represented by Saturn has to breakdown.  Its possible that things get taken away from you like a home, or a bank account but ultimately this transit is reinforcing a new need to change your lifestyle and live within your means and not be dependent on others.

This transit will force you to work extra hard and be patient and face  your responsibilities despite fatigue and tensions.  You may experience disappointments that force you to change in new ways.  Remember the cocoon has to be destroyed for the butterfly to emerge.   You have to fix things that are not working in your life and you cannot continue as usual and with Pluto at the end of Sagittarius, you have to fix and complete the work on the house that Pluto has been transforming since 2006.   Pluto will go completely into Capricorn for many years starting in 2021 and briefly this year.  The United States will be having its Pluto return in 2024 and that is always a huge transformational time when we look at civilizations like the Roman Empire and the United Kingdom.   Pluto will be moving through the US second house with its return so a crisis around trillions of dollars of debt and major financial restructuring is inevitable in the coming years.

We will write about Saturn in Capricorn in detail later and although it is a good transit with Saturn in its own sign, like everything connected with Saturn, it requires hard work, delays, suffering and responsibility.   If you are immature and young and have not matured, Saturn seems rather difficult but it ripens with old age when we learn the joy of mature responsibility like the mature parent or grandparent that takes great joy in taking care of their children and grandchildren–hard work but there are great rewards.   I remember my grandmother making my favorite cakes for hours in the kitchen and I had no sense of how much time and energy it took but she always smiled when I enjoyed every last crumb.  Saturn brings mature joy and Saturn in Capricorn will give reward us for our efforts and Jupiter going in there March-June 2020 will increase the mature joy.  But for now it will be time to transform what is left of an Saturnian messes from the last two years as Saturn moves toward conjunction with Pluto in January. .


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