With Saturn transiting into Capricorn now we have to understand Saturn transits in greater detail.   Yes Saturn is happy being home in its own sign but that does totally mean he will let up on you or aspects of your life. When malefics are strong in a natal chart or transit, their aspects are more powerful to do more harm so Saturn aspecting Pisces, Cancer and Libra now and the houses that connected to them will be impacted more.

The house that Saturn goes though or aspects in transit shows us the area of your life that is being tested and which may have the most tension.    Saturn challenges you to work on this area and possibly change your behavior around this.  The house connected to Capricorn (ie 4 th house for Libra rising etc) will prosper with Saturn in its own sign but still will not mean that it will be an automatic picnic without hard work and transformation.   It will create results in the end.

When Saturn creates deep problems for you, it is challenging your internal responsibility on a conscious level when you have neglected it on an unconscious level.  Its aspects now are strong to Libra, Pisces and Cancer and the  houses connected to areas of your life will need to go through a deeper cleansing.   Physical  problems and problems with breakdowns in infrastructure in your life are forcing you to look at areas in your life that you have been neglecting, to face them and to change them.  Rather than be a victim, take responsibility for your problems—do not blame Saturn.

Saturn often creates losses around things that you think you need but really do not matter so let go of them like a relationship or job that is not working.  Put attention on the house that is impacted and make the changes or unpleasant forced issues will happen.

Saturn in Capricorn does not totally mean that all suffering is over.  Saturn is still like a hard-nosed high school coach or army drill sergeant that is pushing you to become a better person like that army slogan, “Be all that you can be in the Army.”   High school coaches and army sergeants are not fun but on reflection later in life we are always grateful for their guidance. Honor Saturn in this way.   He is a true friend, showing you the reality.   He will be stronger now to give better results but he will still require you to work hard but the results will come now and Jupiter in Capricorn March 29-June 29th and then in 2021 will support hard work and success also.

Saturn is particularly difficult on the emotional level when it interacts with your moon or your rising sign or your rising sign Lord.  He may create depression, sadness and physical and emotional loss but he is often giving you a wake-up call and kick in the butt to do something that you need to do.  Saturn can be remedied with exercise, yoga, meditation, discipline around food and acceptance and responsibility. These are not as fun as Venus but so necessary.

While most people know about Sade Sat (and we have written about it and its misinterpretations in detail),  Saturn can be more problematic when it  4th from the natal moon or ascendant as this can impact the mind, make it anxious and create grumbling, destroy happiness and impact your career and relationships.

Saturn transiting 8th from the moon or rising sign make be even harsher than parts of Sade Sat as it can lead to break-ups in relationship, divorce from partners and  deaths in the family.    I find that Saturn transiting through the 8th can be even more challenging then Saturn in the 1st or 2nd.

Saturn transits to the natal Sun in your chart can also be impactful and Saturn transiting over your natal Sun might signal a fall in status,  a scandal, or loss of father or father figure and Saturn going over your natal Sun can impact your health.

The Western concept of Saturn return, with Saturn going over your natal Saturn every 29.5 years usually signals wanting to restart a new career and hence many people have 3 careers in their life as Saturn makes us restless every 29.5 years to change direction around our life path.

Saturn transits also impact the Varga charts and we will have to write a special article about this.  Look at your moon the  in D-9. If it is Aries, Gemini, Libra or Capricorn, then Saturn will impact it this year and can lead to emotional depression, sadness and may impact your health.

Saturn will also impact your other varga charts and you have to see what houses it will  impact and see what planets you have in Capricorn in your Varga charts and how they are impacted.  This will require a professional astrologer.

How many Ashtakavarga points you have in Capricorn will also impact the results of Saturn in Capricorn.   Three or less will not give good results even if it is a good transit for you for Capricorn Scorpio, Leo or Pisces rising or moon signs but if it is 4 or higher, it can give good results even if it is a challenging transit for other rising signs.

The bottom line is that Saturn is so often impacting your chart in so many ways that unless you learn discipline, responsibility, work hard, meditation  and regular exercise, you are always being impacted.  Make Saturn your friend—he is really your best one!  Yes Saturn in Capricorn will better for many and particularly Capricorn rising but it is never a picnic.  Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Visti Larsen and Sanjay Rath for their guidance and knowledge over the years.


A Manual for Saturn & Outlook for Capricorn

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