What I have learned from my Gurus, is that you have to ask a question and ask for help in order to get an answer.  This is the nature of Jupiter as a guide.  When advise is given without being asked, we rarely listen or value it.  How often are we turned off when others tell us what we should do?  People will listen when they ask for help.  but will turn off when not asked.  Its more problematic with children and spouses.  We care deeply but sometimes they have to make their own mistakes in order to grow.   When people talk about their problems, I will now ask would you like my thoughts on what you should do or do you just want me to listen.  So often, people just want to be listened to.

I think it is like the Star Trek guide for visiting alien planets and Dr. Spock is always reminding Captain Kirk that they are not allowed to interfere in the societal and cultural norms of that society.   Not sure it is right to interfere with someone’s karma even when you are close to them.

But what do you do when you see someone about to walk and fall into a sewer hole?  I think you are responsible to warn them to prevent injury but that is a more extreme case in saving a life.  Doing nothing in that case is more harmful.   There are many tricky fine lines with this but in the end its better to ask people if they want your help and not just intrude in their lives. I am not sure it transfers to basic life or karmic lessons.

Certain rising signs have more trouble with Gurus and advisors.  For Taurus rising, Jupiter owns the 8th and 11th and for Libra rising Jupiter owns the 3rd and the 6th and for Virgos and Geminis, Jupiter owns the 7th which is a maraka.  I find that you have to be more sensitive to these people and Libras and Taurus in particular, need to learn to trust their own insights and intuition and Virgos have a problem with advisors.

If you have Jupiter in a difficult sign or house, you may have more problems giving or receiving advice and so evaluate this also.

How about our columns?   I trust in that reading them or opting in to receive our material by newsletter that you are giving us permission. If not, then please unfriend us from Facebook or hit unsubscribe to our newsletter list.  Not wanting to interfere.

Ultimately there is a fine line between caring and wanting to help and being co-dependent and directing other’s lives. Make sure you do not cross boundaries that have been erected.

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