When Saturn moves into a new sign it starts bringing in new influences into our life and impacting different areas of our chart.  We may think more about moving, changing jobs, exiting a relationship, doing something new for our  life or health and off this is good but make sure you make sound decisions when things are settled down.  Saturn is in transition at least until about Feb. 5th and will get beyond the intensity of Pluto and the restlessness of early degrees.    Good time start thinking about change but make decisions when the planets and your thinking are clearer.

On the physical level, Saturn in Capricorn will benefit knees, bones and joints more as it will be in its own sign and support its natural signification..  Aspects to Pisces will impact negatively feet and could cause some lymphatic issues so make sure you exercise and keep the lymphatic system pumping and rebounding and trampolines are particularly good for this as is vigorous walking.  Saturn will also aspect Cancer which is connected to chest, heart and breasts  and lungs and stomach and this may create new issues here if you have weaknesses there.   It will also now aspect Libra which governs the lower lumbar region, the kidneys and the female reproductive system so it may impact these areas now if you have challenges or weaknesses there. Of course this is general based on the cosmic purusha which make the zodiac the body so consult a profiessional astrologer to see if these specific areas may be impact and that would be more the case if you are running a Saturn period.

Officially, Saturn moves into Capricorn  late in the day on Jan. 23, 2020 and will stay there until Jan. 17, 2023 although it goes into Aquarius in April 29, 2022 for a few months before retrograding back a few months later. While we have been all looking forward to Saturn being in its own sign, it is still Saturn and is not a total picnic and it will impact different people in different ways and will require hard work and responsibility in order to fully blossom.

Doing general predictions for large groups in these columns  is always difficult and this transit will impact your chart in different ways. If you are Capricorn rising it will support health and finally  give you a sense of being home after its 29.5 year journey.   Saturn transits are considered more beneficial when they are  3rd, 6th, and 11th from your natal moon or ascendant and hence Scorpio, Leo and Pisces rising and moon signs may do better with it.  People in a Saturn dashas or Saturn bhukti will be most impacted by this transit  and if you have 4 or more bindu points in Capricorn in  the Ashtakavarga system, it will be beneficially.  If your natal moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius or Sagittarius it may impact you through  Sade Sat but we have written about this earlier in the week.

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