The Coronavirus has crept up very quickly on the world and the media is hyping it.  I do think we have to take it seriously but as everything in the media, watch the fear generated.    Viruses are connected to Ketu and Ketu is in Mula nakshatra now in the mean node system until September and it is in the most difficult Pada/4 until March 18th.    We have written about Ketu in Mula and Rahu in Ardra and they both can cause deeper suffering and the shedding of tears . Ultimately they point you to higher spirituality but at what price?

The Spanish influenza began in Jan. 1918 when Ketu was in Ardra nakshatra within 3 degrees of Pluto and Rahu was in Mula nakshatra and continued until Dec. 1920.  Given that Ketu will stay in Mula nakshatra until at least September and still be vulnerable for a few months later, I suspect that the impact on the world will continue at least until mid-November when Ketu is in the gandanta area of Scorpio (Scorpio 27-30).    The ability to combat viruses  a 100 years ago is much different then today and the high mortality rate in 1918-20 was connected to malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals and poor hygiene.  ON the hand, mass transportation around the world now allows things to spread more easily.  Follow the advice of the experts and the WHO and keep your immune system strong.

Saturn is still in the early first degree of Capricorn where is less stable and that will lift by Feb. 1st and Saturn and Pluto will be 3 degrees apart by Feb. 15th and that may help with the mass hysteria that may develop in the media but the Saturn/Pluto influence is still strong for the next year.   The AIDS epidemic officially began in June 5, 1981 with the Center for Disease Control reporting it but it was August 1982 when the CDC officially coined the name.  At that time Saturn and Pluto  were 8 degrees apart and then conjunct into Nov. 1982.    I do think that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is significant for this time of an event with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra in July 1983 when Time Magazine ran their first major cover story on AIDS.  Still it tends to cause major events to happen and big changes in society and the economy and the impact will go into 2021.

China the origin of the Virus is a Capricorn rising sign with Moon at 10 degrees ( Oct. 1, 1949, Bejing,  3:15 pm). Saturn will go over their natal moon in Jan. 2021 so I suspect the impact of a direct hit as part of their Sade Sat will continue to increase the impact on their country.  Saturn and Pluto remain in Capricorn in 2021-2022 but they move away in impact.  China will be most impacted because of their levels of cleanliness and it is the place of origin and it is so heavily populated but it is no longer isolated.

I do not like predicting these things but I do not think it will go away like even an impeachment hearing or a trade disagreement.   We are just at the beginning of it.  They are working on a vaccine but given the history of these things, I am not sure there is any easy answer.  I personally do not trust vaccines.  The good news is that advances in microbiology and  technology in medicine suggest that it will not be like 1918-2020.  My friend Juliana Swanson did a more extensive article on epidemics and astrology and history and she does not see it as a pandemic.

Sun in Aquarius (Feb. 12-March 14th) is often difficult to health because it is 7 signs from Leo and 7 houses away represents sunset. Aquarius is also a more karmic sign of the zodiac for suffering due to its connection with Rahu  and  Saturn.   I suspect that it will seem more intense until mid-March between Ketu and Saturn and the Sun and their transits.   Stay out of the fear and just take care of yourself.

Saturn governs the immune system and there are things we can do to enhance the immune system.  Take colostrum or echinea or astrangalus or  other  natural  products that boost the immune system. Stay rested and keep your system strong.

Do not  get caught up in negative thinking. Our articles are just to bring awareness to what could be triggered and our goal is to inspire you to be more aware of your body and taking care of it over the next year.

Stay rested and do not run around like a rabbit.    If you are in a good period for your rising sign and are young, you might have minor problems but if you are in a Saturn period or sub-period and older, then more pronounced events can happen.  Diet, exercise and proper care can prevent problems and just lead to minor glitches rather than major problems.  Of course consult your doctor and a trained professional as astrological advisor is no replacement for expert medical attention. So focus on health and stay out of fear.


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