MARS CHANGING SIGNS INTO SAGITTARIUS: FEB 7TH  The end of Scorpio is about letting go of the material  and getting ready for spiritual transformation in the constellation of Mula.  It can be an intense psychological and emotional time.  The last degree, 29.12-29.59 is the most difficult part of the journey and it happens Feb 6-7.  Here there are deep knots that need to be unraveled for spiritual growth to occur. This can be a place where maximum emotional churning can happen so watch Thursday, Feb 6th.   Stay on top of meditation and yoga here or you might feel very fragile.  There can be a sense of not being supported and this may be connected to siblings as Mars is the significator or karaka for sibling and particularly brothers.  Use this transit to work on deep transformational issues.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on Feb. 7th  and is in the Sag. gandanta  or emotional knot until Feb 12th.  It is stronger here in the Aries pada (0-3.20 Sagittarius) . Mars has the courage here to to through spiritual pain and do the deep spiritual transformation here.

The constellation of Mula is deeply karmic and can bring about deep suffering if those ruled by Mars are unable to break away from the material bonds and move toward spiritual awakening and Mars stays there Feb. 7-27th.  If you have not moved onto the spiritual path, it can bring deep suffering and transformation but if you are in the spiritual path and can deepen your connection particularly because Jupiter and Ketu are conjunct and in high dignity.

Mars in Sagittarius will be greater for material growth  once it gets out of Mula Nakshatra as it moves toward conjunction with Jupiter into March 19th and will from positive combinations for money for Scorpio and Pisces rising if you are running Mars/Jupiter or Jupiter/Mars dashas or have other favorable financial things in your chart for the spring.

RAHU TRINING MERCURYFeb. 6-10th.  3 degree orb Feb. 6-10th (mean node) The problem is that Rahu is not ethical so we could have more computer piracy and reports of major hacking and inevitably make sure your ransomeware is working and do not be surprised to get a bogus request.    On the dark side, Rahu/Mercury connections can create depression  and lack of confidence for Geminis and Virgos and Aquarius may be impacted also and there may be more phobias or mental imbalances arising with the trine from Rahu and the association with Satabhishak.  The constellation is also connected to biotechnology and healing and we may get some breakthroughs announced during this time.  Aquarius is one of the more karmic signs of the zodiac as it ruled by Saturn and Rahu and it can bring up deep suffering in its darker moments but can tend toward great technological advancement, healing and deep philosophical and astrological probings.


The Sun moved into the constellation of Delphini the Dolphin know in Vedic astrology as Dhanishta Feb. 6-19TH which is located Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 10.

This constellation is connected to music and mastery over the material plane. Its nature is very diverse as it can adapt to any situation it finds itself in.  The Sun now connects with Mars which is strong in Aries so the fire signs and Martian signs of Aries and Scorpio will get a nice lift of confidence and courage to move forward in leadership and creativity.

Dhanistha is ruled by Mars and Mars is in transition during the transit  and afflicted in Ketu’s nakshatra so it will not help the Sun materially but will do so spiritually.   This may lead to the  mental matrix being  bit more angry and frustrated with unexpected flare ups of anger.  Still Dhanishta is a very satvic constellation for  the Sun and the connection to Mars will need to lead to sacrifice personal needs for the global good and this is sometimes a hard lesson to learn.  Let go of ego and go out and do some service work or at least donate to charity to utilize this energy. This constellation can give fame and abundance if you do not get caught up in personal glory.

The Sun is particularly strong in the first pada of this transit ruled by Leo, Feb. 6-8th (Capricorn 23.20-26.40) and the lesson again is service and responsibility over personal glory. The second section in Virgo is more supportive for business and material manifestation.  The Sun moves into Aquarius, Feb. 12th and this can lead to a lack of confidence Feb. 12-15th  and again the solution is do service and let go of individual needs.


Get ready for Mercury retrograde.  Not bad for everyone and Virgos may do well with this one and also Libra and Taurus rising.   Still back up your computers and get your reports and books and articles done early before delays hit.


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