There are always a lot of challenging things happening in the sky and if we mention them it is to make you aware of the planets pulling your emotional puppet strings and causing mental distress and if you are aware what they are, you can often dismiss them and make better decisions and not buy into fear.  .  Saturn is happier now in Capricorn but maybe only Capricorn rising is feeling it in a good way.   Mars  is now going to be weak much of the month and Scorpio and Aries will feel it.  Libra and Taurus will be happier with Venus in Pisces .  Leos will probably not like Sun in Aquarius starting Feb 13th and Cancer rising people deal with changes everyday because the moon moves so fast.

Transits are only 20% of an influence but sometimes they can be more.  If a transit  of a larger malefic planet like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu does a slow movement over a delicate section of your chart or aspects a key area, it might have a larger term impact.  For example Saturn transits are slow and Saturn is at 1 degree Capricorn. If your Sun is at 0-4 degrees Capricorn or 0-4 Pisces or 0-4 Cancer or 0-4 Libra, it would impact your health and create conflicts with authority figures.  So transits to the natal chart when they are slow can have a longer-term impact.

Some  things to consider when reading my column:
1) Is an event impacting your natal chart within 5 degrees of a key planet, your moon, your sun, your chart lord or your rising sign?

2) The dasha cycle or planetary period running is 80% of timing and transits are 20%. If you are running a Mars period, you will be impacted more by the difficult Mars transits this month but if you are running a Venus period, the transit  will be mostly likely impact you positively.

The mind tends to take 20% of our fear and exaggerate it into 120%. 99% of the things we fear never happen.  Our purpose is to never to create an astrology of fear and you should never expect the worst to happen in your life.  Maybe a few times in your life a key transit and a key dasha will happen at a key degree of chart and create a major event.   Something like a Solar Eclipse in your 12th house over your natal Sun and running a Sun/Rahu or Rahu/Sun period. Do you see,  you have to have such a strong combination of events happening.  Do not your mind get blown up in fear of the future or expecting the worst in your life.  Be empowered to overcome negative thoughts and emotions and take the difficult energies and transform them in a powerful way.

Karma can be averted through meditation, service work, charity, awareness but getting caught up in fear over all the major events that happen in the sky is not useful. My posts are not meant to scare people but make you aware of the influences of the puppet strings of the planets and how they impact your minds and emotions. You do not have to buy into those emotions and usually meditation and yoga and helpings others will help you move beyond the noise of planets.  We want to label stuff as good and bad but all the events that happen in our life are for our growth. We should relabel them “challenges” that provide a chance to grow. .

You are safe! The Divine has not put you on the planet to suffer and to be a victim unless you are brain dead and unaware of how you show up and how you have hurt people in the past.  Do good deeds, donate to charity, help people and you will always be taken care of.


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