The Sun goes  into Aquarius on Feb. 13th and stays there until March 14th.  The Sun is in the 7th position from Leo which is like sunset and is a weak place for it to be and because Aquarius is co-owned by Rahu and Saturn, it is not a picnic.

Aquarius is a very innovative sign and this year the Sun is only afflicted from a trine from Rahu which peaks into Feb. 26th in the true node system and has a 3 degree orb between Feb. 23 and Feb. 29th.  When the Sun is afflicted, it can bring up low self-esteem, lack of self-promotion, rebellious activism, depression, cynicism, gullibility, isolation.  So despite not wanting to be social, you are going to have to get out there and Venus in Pisces will help into the end of the month.

Rahu/Sun connections, particularly for Leos and Aquarius rising this month may lead to wanting to expand your power and success and identity in the world but this may come at the cost of rigidity, selfishness and over-ambition.  There may be more connections with foreigners and outcast this month and the real issue is that the Sun is the kararka for the soul and Rahu’s shadow blocks its Divine energy as in an eclipse and push it more toward false veil of maya of the material world.

If you are Aquarius rising, Sun or Moon,  it is one of the more complex rising signs.  Ruled mainly by Rahu the North Node and Saturn, it is very connected to astrology, the occult sciences and healing and biomedical research and invention.  It is   is very connected to the occult forces ushering in new civilizations and new-thought currents.   The symbol for Aquarius is the pitcher which should be empty because Aquarius is an air sign.  Without any benefics like Jupiter or Venus or Mercury aspecting connected to the sign of Aquarius or its ruler, individuals born under this sign can be unhappy and sorrowful and has a lot of past karma and Aquarians born under Shatibishak nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-19.59) have a particularly strong interest in the healing sciences and technology.    Still Aquarians are highly spiritual people who need to turn to the Divine to ease their sorrows and if this happens, a lot of their heavy burdens are lightened.   By nature they are interested in liberation because Saturn owns the 1st and the 12th house.

Aquarians are very intelligent and often interested in astrology with Mercury owning the 5th and 8th house and Mercury transiting through Aquarius now until early April will promote deep philosophical inquiry and movement toward studying astrology.

As always, we try to write general forecasts for the populace but transits are 20% of prediction and subject to the larger cycles you are running.  Reading charts is like reading DNA strands and people are so unique.  If you need a reading or update and what is going on, visit our website.

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