The world is on edge with the Coronavirus and the fears that the US will fall apart because of Trump.  Ketu in Pada 4 of Mula in Sagittarius until March 18th is stirring the pot but also Saturn very close to Pluto still is not helping and we did have Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Libra in 1982-83 during the AIDS scare.   Not sure fear cycles will go away for a while.   We are going to have master fear of the future or be miserable for a few months . The mind cannot have an emotion on an abstract level so it attaches to something in the environment.

Most of the things we fear never happen and its that 1% surprise element that knocks us out of the park.  Fear is a survival mechanism to keep us out of danger. If we stick our hand into the fire when we are small, we learn not to do it again but then maybe we are inordinately afraid of fire our entire life.   Just remember that most of what we fear does not happen and dismiss it.

Saturn governs the base chakra and often spiritual folks work more on their upper chakras through meditation but if their root chakra is not developed and Saturn is weak in their chart, their financial planning and infrastructure and connection to the earth is a bit out of balance.  This can create a lot of instability and fear. Its like a pyramid. If the base of the pyramid is strongly  supported, the energies can move higher to the peak.  If we have a solid bank account and savings plans then we have the freedom to pursue our spiritual development and not be thrown off balance.  If the pyramid is inverted and there is low energy at the base and all the energy is very strong at the top, then there is no stability to support all the spiritual growth.  The current transits are challenging our systems.

Capricorn, the main home for Saturn, requires security and safety to move forward.  While it is happy in Capricorn it is so strong that its aspects to Libra, Cancer and Pisces are more powerful than normal.    Rahu also generates sub-conscious fears and it is a bit strong in Ardra nakshatra for a while.

So often  that which we fear does not happen. 99% of the time, the things we fear do not manifest and it is the surprises that get us.  Remember that with Saturn in transition, that fear is all in the mind.  Do more meditation and yoga and breath work to transform the energy. The chair pose in yoga, grounds us to the earth chakra as does the Mountain pose so that we feel our feet grasping the earth and this creates more security in our life.  Use the fear as a wake up call to handle your finances, get into your body and take care of your health.  . Look up the magicians “fear sleeve” and expose him for the fraud that he is. You are infinitely safe in this universe. (If you want to connect astrology to hatha yoga and chakra analysis, see our workshop at:

My Guru suggested a number of practical ways to deal with anxiety and many of them are useful and out of the box:

1) Sing and dance as Venus related actvities always counteract Saturn anxiety and seriousness.

2) Do more service work and donate to those in need. When you help others you move out of your own anxiety.

3) Do more yoga, mediation and chanting and breath work. Spiritual practice is always the best solution.

4) Surrender to the Divine and know you are taken care of in the way that a mother cat takes care of her kittens.  Would the Divine put in this planet to torture you and make suffer.  He loves you more than you know.

5) Pretend you are a strong and courageous lion and come what may you know you can handle anything.

6) Be unpredictable who awhile and break the Saturnian routine and makes feel stuff. Get of the box and the rut. Walk down a street you never go;  find a new restaurant; do something wild that moves you beyond your fear.

7) Know that if the worst happens, you can handle it and survive.

8) Remember past situations when you worried about the future and nothing happened and you overcame your anxiety.

9) Laugh more. Put on a funny comedy. Spend more time with fun people and spend more time with your Guru.

The world will not end just because the media wants to increase its ratings. Go beyond fear and find the love.

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