EYE ON THE SKY: Sun/Saturn and Health and the Food We Eat

As we move into the darkness winter and with the Coronavirus scare, health is on everyone’s mind.  Saturn/ Pluto is going to force us to be more repsonsible about what we eat and do.  The nature of food additives, pesticides and Genetically Modified Foods, (GMOs) can tax the immune system and force it to work harder  The body is working hard to fight the toxins in your body it will not have the energy energy to fight viruses and bacterial.  Help it out by eating more organic and its amazing how the food industry can fool you.  I had an allergic reaction to a Silk Soymilk product that was not made with organic soybeans which I normally would not touch– but the label said Non-GMO verified so I drank it.  My friends actually created the company that tests GMO’s and they reminded me that something can be non-GMO and have no gene alteration but they may still spray it for pesticides and hence it has to be Organic and Non-GMO verified!

If Vedic astrology the 6th house is a health house which brings up issues.  We can manage 6th house problems if we are on top of good routines and diet as the 6th house is a growth house and we can work through its issues by being conscious.

Malefics in the 6th house in our natal chart spur us to work hard and we have the ability to overcome health problems.  Eight house health problems are more acute and are more deeply karmic and seem to be a more beyond our control.

Many of you are on top of your health but over the years, I have learned a number of things about diet that can make a difference and I would like to share them and given the intensity of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the world’s fear of the Coronavirus.   We   need to be vigilant and disciplined about our habits the next year  rather than lazy.  The intense energy of the transits is not supportive to good habits so you will have to consciously work on it.

For years in Ayurveda, I have learned to be on top of some of these basic needs.  You can Google and find more information about any of the points below and talk to a good health practitioner or Ayurvedic consultant. This article is just some fine tuning even for all my health conscious friends.

I am bringing up a limited number of items as I have only so much space and you have only so much time to read and research all of this.

Many of you know that even most of the health food stores and health food manufacturers like Whole Foods have sold us out and we think if we shop there, we are on top of buying good food, but that is not always the case.  Do your homework.

Here are some tips:

1) HEALTHY COLON: The seat of health is in the colon and having a clean colon is important to prevent a toxic build up in the system.  If you have access to Ayurvedic treatment, going through Panchakarma to clean the colon is wonderful. Many of us to do not have Ayurvedic facilities near us  so you can stay on top your colon by doing laxative therapies and cleaning programs regularly to keep that are clean and toxin free.

2) INTESTINAL FLORA: Probiotics are key for supporting colon elimination and supporting the system.  Many people are aware of this need but most probiotics are half-dead as they have to be properly manufactured and refrigerated from creation to distribution. Dr. Maryann Teitelbaum looking at probiotic cultures under a microscope  found only the brand Natren had enough live organisms to do the job completely.  The Garden of Eaten also has some of the highest quality Probiotics on the market.   You still  have find a distributor that keeps it refrigerated. ( I use Vitacost as they ship it in dry ice which is essential for warm climates and the summer.)

3) TUMERIC:   Everyone knows about the wonders of Tumeric but most of you do not know that it is activated only in fat such as  l ghee or butter.   That is why Indian food is so healthy because fry the spices in ghee. Taking Tumeric tablets will not get the job done completely.  Moreover tumeric is activating even more with Indian black pepper (different from normal pepper.)

4) ORGANIC FLOUR:  Use only organic  flour if you need and like wheat.

The gluten-free problem and craze is not because we have an epidemic if celiac disease but very connected to the fact that Round-up pesticides are used by most farmers now in the drying process when wheat is harvested.  I have found that most of my sinus and allergy problems to wheat have been eliminated by us making sure that the crackers that I buy and the bread that I  buy has organic wheat flour. You will be shocked how many items in your health food store do not use organic wheat flour.

5) WATCH OILS YOU USE: Stay away from GMOs and Canola Oil

Most of you are aware of this problem but much of US corn and soybeans are filled with Round-up pesticides that have been linked to cancer and deeply hurt the immune system.   Most processed foods and even health foods will have corn syrup, soybean oil, corn oil, maledextrin (corn sugar).  Canola oil is a big scam and very toxic and even organic canola oil is very hard to digest and not good for the system.

If it does not say organic soybean oil etc. stay away from it.  Most of processed foods in the regular supermarket are filled with these toxins and I find about 60-70% of the foods in health food supermarkets have problems so read your labels carefully. There is even a big scam with olive oil going on now where much of it is diluted with soybean or canola oil to increase profits. This is even happening in Italy so you have to check the purity of your brands.

6) USE ORGANIC POTATOES:  Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and their Chips.

These have to be organic because the level of pesticides and fungicides applied to the growing of these staples is frightening.  I find that most of the health potato and snack foods in the health food aisle have either bad oils or non-organic taters.  Go for the organics.  There are very few brand that use organic oils and real organic potatoes.


If you cannot fit organics into your budget, dairy is most important because the fat molecules store more pesticides than most other foods that you can wash off with special fruit and vegetable cleaners.  Walmart has increased Organic produce in their stores and brought prices down quite a bit. Organic butter and milk are must.

8) SAY NO TO MICROWAVE FOODS: Stay away from microwave food.  The carbon molecules are altered by the process and it makes them harder to digest and more toxic. Go back to conventional cooking.  I use a vegetable steamer on frozen foods to return the prana back into these foods.

9) SUGAR:  Replace refined sugar with products made with coconut sugar or maple syrup.  Honey is often cooked and becomes toxic and not reliable in products.  Organic cane sugar  and fructose is better than regular sugar but it is still pretty bad and it weakens the immune system.  Amazing the amount of sugar they pour into our foods. Check your labels.  Sugar does feed viruses and cancers so learn to eat less of it.

10) Just because it says Non-GMO verified or Gluten Free does not make it health.   Many Gluten Free products use non-organic corn flour or soy flour that is laden with  pesticides.  Something can be free of GMOs which means non genetically modified seeds but still be sprayed with pesticides.  Even our beloved health food industry is fooling us at times.

Obviously, I could write huge articles on each topic but do your research and find out the truth. Good month to stay on top of your health.

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In Part 2, I will discuss ways to fight flus and viruses using natural products.

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