We have talked about the Saturn/Pluto cycle for a number of years and they were conjunct in early January but they remain close together. In fact, Pluto just went into sidereal Capricorn on Feb. 24th joining Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto will stay there and then retrograde out of sidereal Capricorn on June 29th. Since there are no fences in the sky and they are both in the same constellation of Uttarashadha (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) they are going to be very close together the entire year.

Saturn likes to create borders and boundaries and flex its muscles with its authority. Governments are becoming intense with this and maybe they need to be but in some cases, it is too much. No wonder, China, a Capricorn rising country, has become crazier in controlling the virus using its totalitarian energies. Pluto conjunct Saturn warps and distorts Saturn making it more paranoid, apocalyptic and bringing out the darker side of Saturn. Traditional Vedic astrologers not familiar with Pluto were dancing at the thought of Saturn going into Capricorn its own sign but they forgot to take into account that Pluto is a first-class malefic of mass psychology that can sink Pluto into deeply subconscious fears. It is creating apocalyptic mass hysteria and some of it is very real.

We are not going to experience a pandemic like we saw with Spanish Influenza in 1918-20 where 50 million people died. Modern medicine and hygiene have advanced too far for that. Still, the media at their worst with Rahu in Gemini, are feeding the mass hysteria and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is feeding the fear of the unknown that Pluto so deep represents. As I have written before, we cannot ignore the Coronavirus and Saturn should be giving us a wake-up call to take better care of our health. Sugar, dairy, meat, and eggs provide breeding grounds to feed viruses. This may be a time to change your diet and cut back on foods. Time to get better rest and increase your immune system with products like Collostrom, Gaia Whole Body Defense, and Olive Leaf extract which increase the immune system. Quercetin, which is made from the skins of the berries of Acerola.which is often a key component in Vitamin C complexes, is very effective in fighting viruses also. If you stay healthy, you are going to be less vulnerable.

You have to witness the fear and turn the TV off. Take precautions but understand there is an afflicted force from Saturn churning up paranoia. Yes, the economies of the world will be disrupted and some people will die but do get caught up in the mass hysteria and lose your peace of mind. Stay on top of your yoga and exercise and meditation and these all calm and help balance Saturn. Know that this event will not go away for many months. I think there is a first emotional climax around it into March 18th when Ketu moves out of the 4th Pada of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 10-13.20) and in late April, Rahu will move out of Ardra nakshatra and that will help a bit but then Saturn will go retrograde May 10th and fuel the weird energies and then it will be conjunct March 31st.  Jupiter is also sandhi at the end of a sign where it has less power from March 23-April 8th and grace will be missing but Jupiter will come to the rescue as it will move toward Saturn in May and June and it will be conjunct Pluto into April 4th so that will lighten things.

So expect at least another 4-5 weeks of intensity from Saturn/Pluto but Jupiter will help a bit but get spoiled in the process like a good Samaritan jumping into the river to rescue a drowning soul and getting pulled down a little by a frantic drowning hysterical person. Our sense is that it may be spring 2021 before we feel like this whole thing as passed. There will be economic hits because people travel less or cannot go into work but cyber-commuting for workers will save the day for many. In the end, these difficult transits do teach us something and Saturn will help us wake up and take better care of our bodies and work together in the community to help each other.


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