The big question is when will this mass fear be over?   I have done mundane Vedic astrology for 32 years and I tend to look for planetary strengths and weaknesses and what increases fear and what calms fear.    China and Korea have overcome  part of the problem through massive quarantine and separation and the US has not gotten that Draconian yet.   Even if we did soon, it still might take 2 months to work through the problem. On the negative side we are looking at the following and have discussed them before:

1) Pluto is fully in sidereal Capricorn and is controlled by  Saturn and feeding the irrational hysteria of the survival sign of Capricorn which governs the base chakra.  This influence will not lift until June 29th when Pluto goes retrograde into Sagittarius. .

2) Saturn will get more intense in May between May 1-21st as it goes stationary/direct on May 10th and Saturn retrograde generates more fear and intensity.  Retrograde Saturn continues into Sept. 28th.

3) Mars will afflict Saturn into March 31st with their conjunction and this will be felt most  between March 22-April 9th when they are about 5 degrees apart.

4)  Pluto squaring the Sun into April 14th  will also be intense around more Draconian action by government probably centering around April 11-17th.

5) Mercury in Pisces April 8th-April 24th will intensify poor communications and mental worry.

So in terms of shorter events, things seem intense until mid-to late May.

6) The larger influences are there with Saturn to close to Pluto in the same sign until June 29th. The whole panic about the virus and the unraveling of the stock market is most connected to this transit.  Saturn conjunct Pluto is not helping either and is part of this signature as we saw Saturn/Pluto in 1981-82-83 with the AIDS panic.  We had had been worried about a black swan event or terrorist event but it is unfolding with the Virus. As we wrote earlier in the month,

7) Ketu in Mula Nakshatra until September.  We written about this.  Having Ketu in its own nakshatra is not favored as it will hamper psychological barriers to growth and create brain fog and Rahu is still in its own Nakshatra of Ardra until May 20th creating an intense time for those born with Rahu and Ketu in their own nodes or in opposing nodes as deep karmic patterns come up to heal.    There can be episodes and events that will make you feel out of control of your own destiny.  With Jupiter the dispositor of Ketu strong in transit until March 29th in Sagittarius, there is great wisdom and Divine guidance to get your through the transformation that is needed at this time. When Jupiter goes into Capricorn after March 29th, false optimism and poor judgment and bad decisions may rule.

The deity of Mula is Nritti, the Goddess of calamity and yet she resides in the lucky sign of Sagittarius which mythical means she may destroy ignorance to reveal deep truths. Ironically, Nritti is connected to the peak of material achievement and yet the nature of this nakshatra is very spiritual in her quest to go beyond the domain of ego and self-centeredness. Will be interested to see if our politicians change with this transit. This star can give power and influence and great material accomplishment and can confer magical powers but often it releases its energy in an explosive manner–which is so true of Ketu. We had Ketu at 7 degrees Sagittarius during 9/11/2001.


1) Venus will go into Taurus for 5 months starting March 28th and this will add some comfort and make things a bit less intense.

2) Exalted Sun from April 14-May 14th may give better leadership to solve the problem and make the right decisions.

Some scientists think that the Virus can not live in temperatures above 80 degrees so warmer weather by June will probably come to the rescue on some level.

Hopes for a Virus Vaccine realistically take 12-18 months and from China’s natal chart it also seems they are not out of the woods until past April 2021.   US economic cycles had pointed for cycle lows for the stock market into June and August.

Putting all of this together I suspect it will get worse until mid to late May and will lift a bit as we get into June but picking up the pieces will take time.

The real issue is that it is a little bit like post 9/11.  We are afraid of things that are not quite there.   We need to protect our elderly and we will have far too many people die but it not anything like the movie Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain (1972) .

Use this time to be inward, comfort people, take care of your health and diet and know sometimes we all need a rest and maybe this virus has something to teach us.

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