Looking ahead on the month we have to start thinking about Mars in Aquarius starting May 4th.  Aquarius is an idealistic sign connected with humanitarian ideals, scientific discovery and is also a very spiritual sign and also one where the demons of the past come up to be healed. It is one of the more troubling signs of the zodiac as it is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu who can give it incredible technological inventive skills but also radical politics. Given the atmosphere in the US we have to think that more  people will take to the streets in locked-down states.

The first few days of Mars in Aquarius (May 4-5 ), may require us to take more rest. After the extra energy of Capricorn and the exact exaltation of Mars, there is a sudden chasm as Mars is not sure exactly where he is as he enters a new sign and is bit more tired and getting his bearings. Do the frog pose and rest more to get through the transition.

Aquarius is an air sign dominated by the Vata or air element and it can activate Mars to solve problems quickly, but it also can create quick waves of anger that are quickly forgotten and create love of adventure and promote solutions with engineering. So, use this energy to create great positive social change, invent new technological wonders but go slowly as to not activate too much reckless energy.

Mars in Shatabhishak  May 14-June 3rd (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) is ruled by Rahu and I always find this connection rousing as it can create impulsive action and  passionate action for humanitarian causes. This constellation is Satvic and connected to healing so it may also promote those energies but may bring up deal and difficult issues that need to be heal but the constellation will support finding a cure..   Mars is also getting a trinal aspect from Rahu in Gemini which is exact  in the True Nodal system into May 12th but there is a wide orb of 3 degrees from May 8-18th.  This can create excessive and obsessive activity, sexual energy, expression of athletic prowess  but at its worst, it can lead to violence and reckless action so be careful.

The transit is not without affliction as Mars also moves toward conjunction with Neptune into June 13th and there is a strong  influence  June 11th-15th.  Mars/Neptune associations can create strange feelings or extremely irritability and lead to denial of one’s ego.  Avoid addictive action during this time window and remember your thoughts may be more delusional. In the constellation of Purvabhardapada (Aquarius 20-Cancer 3.20) sexual fantasies can rise up and want to be acted out so be aware during the whole transit of Mars in Purvabhadrapada between June 3rd and June 23rd.   Still the Mars/Jupiter connection can strengthen courage.

For Scorpio rising, this is a 4th house transit so family matters could be tested, which also includes your relationship with domestic partner. Be patient. Stay on top of your insurance policies and make sure they are up-to-date and make sure that car maintenance is happening in a timely manner as 4th house is connected to vehicles.   Frustration will be high and patience low so find a way to release pent up anger.  The second part of the transit in June may be a good time to work on your house, refinance, spend more quality time with your family and consider a new car.

For Aries rising, this is an 11th house transit. The first part of the transit until June 3rd  may create problems with older siblings and avoid giving loans to friends or family members during this time. Watch out for get-rich-quick schemes and avoid overspending, as you will need to save money for expenditures when Mars goes into the 12th house of Pisces June 18th-August 16th and also for many months in the fall when it retrogrades back there Oct 4-Dec. 23 2020. June  is better and cash flow should pick and it is a good time to make new friends and fulfill some desire that you have had for a while. Your older sibling may surprise you in a helpful and unexpected way.

Mars transits are good 3, 6, 10th and 11th from the rising or moon sign so Sagittarius, Libra, Taurus and Aries rising or moon signs will benefit most if there are no afflicted natal malefics in Aquarius like Ketu, Saturn or Rahu and if your Ashtakavarga points for Mars in Aquarius are 4 points or over. Consult a professional astrologer for more  guidance.

Note: Peoples charts and transits are very individual and we write general articles that maybe useful to all our readers. In reality, Vedic astrology is very much like reading very specific strands of DNA.




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