I got an usual wide response to my  Saturn/Pluto revisit article from last week with a wide range or responses. They went  from an extreme  that I was sugar-coating what was happening in our world to requests to please not  write such negative articles.   I had felt the article was rather neutral.  With all the energy on Capricorn, we are required to search for the truth and take care of our infrastructure.  The future of our world is uncertain but clearly global, political and economic changes over the next 2-3 years are going to be major.   As  soon as Pluto when into sidereal Capricorn on Feb 24th, it seemed that the government power grab exploded.    We are optimistic with Jupiter and Pluto retrograding back into Sagittarius June 29 through the end of the year that that there is hope for renewal but the big issue  is whether the free will of the people  will demand that their leaders stop trampling  over their constitutional rights.   Some states have been worse than others and some of it is necessary but stats are starting come out state by state and around the world that lock-downs may or may not be making a difference but clearly protecting our elderly and our hospital workers is the most important thing. If you are immune-system comprimised (and maybe a 1/3 of the world population is), then you have to be extra cautious and we have honor and protect those people also. No easy choices.

With Pluto going back into Capricorn and being conjunct Saturn from Jan 2021- April 2022, we are clearly going to get a deeper flare up of power control and we have been given a sneak preview of this the last few months.   The light workers are supporting a peaceful resolution but the free will of world leaders and the free will of the people all over the world is an unknown.    In the end, something good will evolve for the world and Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn supports the little people and the workers of America but they are now currently being hurt the most.

We are going to have search deeply for the truth and the way the world works. I started that search in the year 2000 and the answers I have found were disturbing and I used to do a lot more radical political writing but I would polarize people and it was not a good thing.  We have enough of that already happening.   Many people are waking up to what is wrong with our world , but are we willing to make the huge changes needed to create a better world? .   It is much easier to stay home and wait for a vaccine and cower at the fears pushed by the media.   Some of it is very real and some of it is quite exaggerated.  Be open to looking and exploring alternative truths.   I usually find the that the truth is somewhere in the middle and not at the extreme right or left.

As I pointed out in my article abound Neptune in Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) which is there until 2024, we may still be fighting a long self-discovery process of how world is run.    I hope that it resolves quickly into next year as many think,  but the powers that be are not willing to let go that easily. Continue to do your spiritual practices,  be kind to others, donate to charities and work on being more self-sufficient by starting gardens and greenhouses, investing in gold and gold coins and silver coins, buying self-sufficient land purchase and with its owning your own  energy sources from the Sun and the wind , moving to safe communities and building up your own immune system with Vitamin C, zinc and other nutritional products.   I am hopeful for a simple resolution but I know I need to be practical.    The Divine has a plan and while some politicians think they are controlling things, there are larger forces at work.  There are  some good things are happening as world pollution has gotten better, a hole of the ozone at the North Pole has resealed and people have spent more quality time with their families.

I could come up with a long list of world political and economic events that may happen but I do not want to instill fear in you and there is still a lot of free will at work. There is no glory in my predicting war, earth changes, hyperinflation, food shortages or other major catastrophes.   I hope none of these happen but I also know how these long-term political and economic cycles work.     And, I do hope that anything I fear does not manifest.   Be practical and safe and trust in the Divine and know that all change is evolving for the good.  I am personally optimistic and I remain practical but I also know that I cannot be in denial like an ostrich.   Find a way to steer a course in between.




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