March 7, 2019-Sept. 23, 2020 Mean Node

Rahu has dignity in Gemini as it share’s Mercury’s love of business and expansion and Ketu is considered very strong in Sagittarius as it is dedicated to spiritual growth and Jupiter returning to Sagittarius will rekindle a final wave of spiritual awakening and desire for meditation and spiritual knowledge.

Gemini is the natural 3rd sign of the zodiac connected to communication and primal energies like reproduction and protecting one’s territory (Mars) are up.    Sagittarius is naturally connected to the 9th sign of the zodiac to belief structures and spirituality so there is a natural dance integrating these two opposing poles.

The challenge with Rahu in Gemini is that you do not want malefics too strong as they can do more harm depending on other factors functioning in the chart.  We have witnessed this intensely.  At least  we are out of Ardra Nakshatra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) where the deep tears of Shiva are shed to transform suffering.   Not sure we are past it yet.

Rahu hates ethics and rules and will find someway to undermine them to betray and cheat and will have more power to do so in Gemini.  Somehow the power grabs by US governors and subverting our Bill of Rights has been a direct play there.     Mithuna (Gemini in Sanskrit), means copulation and we forget that Mercury, in its lower adolescent energy, can charm its way into sexual conquest and betrayal and create difficult problems.  The rise in pornography as a way of escape from Covid fears has been a byproduct from this transit.   The Joe Biden rape accusations are not going to go away.

Strong malefics have stronger energy to create more harm. Certainly Rahu’s connection with the Sun into June 20th and going into the June 21st eclipse at 5 Gemini will be  final power play by leaders around the world going for mass control but will the eclipse into June 21st finally reveal the truth about what has really happened with the power grab.  Should come out over the month past the eclipse.  The eclipse is opposing the US Ascendant within a few degrees and should be powerful for unveiling all the pent up secret scandal of the past months.

Still Rahu in Gemini increases creativity in business and technology and supports creative writing and intellectual expression.   The rise of Zoom to having a market cap stronger than the 7 major airlines is an testament to the power of technology and creativity with Rahu in Gemini and more is coming. Our whole world has moved toward college and work at home and this is killing commercial real estate and brick and mortar business and pushing Amazon to new heights and is it a good thing?   The verdict is out.

Perhaps, Rahu in Gemini will be a culmination of this energy, we wonder if we will have a peak in cell phone addictions before the truth comes out about cell phone radiation dangers and the danger of 5G.  The elite are pushing 5G and are not being opposed much because of the lock-down and everyone wanting more bandwidth at home but the reality of scientific studies on the dangers of 5G on the human physiology will create a new showdown.

Maybe we will finally get more awareness of this when Jupiter goes back into Sagittarius and shines its energy back onto Gemini for the next 5 months from June 29-Nov. 11th. Hopefully studies will come out showing the increase in brain tumors and nervousness from cell phone radiation and we will be forced to dial back a notch.  We forget the downside of technology from the sneak and shadowy side of Rahu that wants to move ahead and grow at all costs and certainly we are becoming more aware of this with the challenges of Chinese spying and stealing of American technology.

Ketu in Sagittarius wants to move beyond the animalistic urges of sex and violence in Gemini and the 3rd house and find meaning in world in quest of God.   He  can be a fierce spiritual warrior and lately he has been showing up with the churches and the Priests going to the Supreme Court to fight for their rights to worship.      Still in the background we hear of ISIS and other terrorist reassembling and that was always what we had worried about with Ketu in Sagittarius and instead of a terrorist attack we got a viral one, which is also connected to Ketu.



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