I had vowed to give up Mundane astrology a number of years back and have focused on helping people with spiritual development but the current state of the US has me looking at the US chart again.  Chakrapani Ullal gave me his rectified version and I have played with it for years and use 6:13 pm on July 4, 1776, Philadelphia and that chart has worked for a while and I gave that date to a colleague and he had predicted 9/11 ahead of time from it using the dashas.

So there a few things of note in the transit chart with transiting Ketu moving over the natal ascendant which I have at 5 degrees.   Ketu does not move beyond the 5 degree mark by a degree until after July 10th.  Ketu can bring unexpected explosions  of violence and anger that have been suppressed and denied and then suddenly released.  Also of note Mars does not get out  Aquarius where it stirs up rebellious action in causes for humanity until after June 18th but at least it is not exchanging nakshatras with Rahu in Mars’s constellation of Mrigashira (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) after June 2nd.   Mars/Rahu connections can stir violence and revolt and we had talked about that a few weeks ago. The best thing is that Jupiter will transit back into Sagittarius June 29-Nov. 11th and that will put the owner of the US chart Jupiter, back at home and its retrograde motion makes it stronger.   Unfortunately it will stay too close to retrograde and transiting Pluto, the planet of transformation but they will both do better in Sagittarius where justice will prevail but where deeper beliefs and conflicts in political opinions will get stirred up.

More troubling is that transiting Rahu will retrograde back over the natal Mars at 0-1 degree Gemini  into September and even if things calm down by mid-July, we could easily get a secondary flare up of violence.

The larger context is that the US is in a Rahu period and currently running Rahu/Jupiter/Moon.   Rahu and  Jupiter are in a 2/12 relationship and Jupiter is in Rahu’s constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40) stirring up deep emotional storms and suffering and the Moon is lord of the 8th house in the 3rd house creating deep emotional transformation for the US.  This cycle runs until July 22nd but Rahu/Jupiter/Mars will still be problematic but Rahu/Jupiter/Rahu after Sept. 11th seems better going into the Rahu/Saturn period starting Jan. 1st. 2021.   It would seem that if Trump calls out the military, there will be no quick fix to the situation as it may just stir up more violence and rebellion.  The June 21st solar eclipse is at 5 degrees Gemini opposing the US ascendant and that is likely to stir up more emotion with other countries and China is high on the list.

Bottom line, I suspect that by mid to late July things may lighten up but I am not sure we will get any wonderful resolutions.  Violence by the military will stir up more dissent and it is like 1968 and the hippy movement–it does not go away easily.    The key is always the power of our attention and putting it on peaceful outcomes and meditating.  When we watch the media and get stirred into anger and political beliefs, we can negatively impact the situation through our collective consciousness. The issues of slavery, oppression, oligarchical tyranny have gone on for years.  To blame it on Trump or think that a new political President or party will magically solve the problem is naive.   We have a roller coaster year coming  and it is not nearly as black and white as the media makes it out to be.  Continue to search for the Truth, take care of each other, donate to charities and stay safe.

The US Pluto return is close at hand with the US Pluto at 6 degrees Capricorn and will be exact in April 2023 and will be felt strongly in 2022.  I feel that we have the 2nd half of the year when Jupiter and Pluto are together to have a smooth transition in a just way but am concerned that the darker side of Pluto will again rear its head in 2021-22.  We have had an ugly glimpse of that with world leaders putting its people in draconian lock-downs  and suggesting that the only solution is to be vaccinated. Clearly the lock-downs have not worked and the explosion and loss of jobs and businesses are now even getting worse.  There are no easy solutions but while I am optimistic about the 2nd half of the year, I am not sure about 2021-22 as the US will go through a huge transformation and is not likely to come out the king of the world anymore and China is actively working and wanting to take that role.  Let’s hope it all comes out well.  With the June 21st solar eclipse strongly hitting Northern India, lets also  pray that the India/China situation can get resolved.

The problem with mundane astrology is that there is free will and collective free will.  We all can make a difference even if we feel lost or paralyzed but getting into political blaming and hate is what the darker forces of the world want to create.   See the trap and stay out of it.   Do not get caught into Utopian thinking that any political party or candidate will solve the problems of the world.  We all have to do it on a local level in our communities where we really can make a difference.  Volunteer and help in your community and make a difference and do not wait for our leaders to magically solve anything. It rarely happens.

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