SEPT 12, 2020- NOVEMBER 20, 2020 DIRECT

Jupiter retrogrades back into Sagittarius on June 29th and it will be particularly welcome after July 8th when it moves out of late degrees of the sign.

Sagittarius, the natural ninth sign of the zodiac, is a benevolent and expansive sign and Jupiter’s stay here will be welcome. We last saw Jupiter here from Jan. to March 2020 and then before that November 2007- early December 2008. Sagittarius is home to Jupiter so whatever house is connected to Sagittarius will go through an expansive phase in your life. Scorpios can experience growth in savings and finance while Pisces rising will get expansion in career and Gemini women may attract new men into their lives.

Sagittarius is a sign of law and order and justice.   The conjunction of Saturn/Pluto/and debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn has created a lack of concern for law and order.  The call to disband the police, the lack of support from mayors in major US cities to protect their citizens from “protestors” who are given a  free pass rather than be  considered the mobs that they are  is a bit shocking.   The mayor of Seattle bowed to the takeover of an area in downtown Seattle by the Black Live Matters protestors and only yesterday did a group of businessmen bring a suit against the city and the mayor for having their livelihoods and safety threatened with no response from the police.   Somehow it is now cool to rail against the police but  our judgment around this  matter has been infiltrated by the media supporting the protestors. If they were a white supremacy group, they would be labeled terrorists.   Political etiquette is more is more important than right and wrong but if you live in a violent city and have had property damaged by angry mobs and are told that nothing can be done, you should be furious.   Yes we should be against police brutality and my old hippy may want to cheer, but the reality of and practicality of having a solid well-oiled police force protecting our society is obvious to anyone with common sense.

The persecution of General Flynn is another case of injustice.   When it has been clear from the release of the telephone transcription to the Russian ambassador that he was just doing transition work for the new administration and when it has been clear from the release of FBI memos that a case of Russian collusion was fabricated, the current judge on the case has been unwilling to drop the case even when asked by the Dept of Justice, who has the correct legal authority to do so as the judge is not supposed to be a prosecutor.   Anyone in the legal profession following what has been happening is in shock and one is reminded of Kafka’s The Trial  and third world Banana republics to see where a justice system is devolving to.  And of course CNN and MSNBC cannot even begin to report the truth because it would reflect badly on their horrible  3 year coverage of making up the Russian collusion nonsense.    There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.   Please dig deeply into the truth here as it is scary with Jupiter back in Capricorn Nov. 2020- Nov. 2021 for the future of law and justice and order in our society.

Our sense of right and wrong and justice has been subverted and we have 5 months to get it back with Jupiter retrograding back into Capricorn.  Look for truth to finally come out about the FBI and CIA in miscarrying justice for political reasons and for a possible return to sanity around law and order in our land but clearly there are  forces that think anarchy and mob rule from Twitter tweets and social media instigation is better than having Trump in office.  We are watching the social disintegration of the US and its legal system and we have about 5 months to get it right or we will be in a Banana Republic the next four years.

Sagittarius rising is one of the more interesting signs of the zodiac.  The ninth natural sign of the zodiac brings lessons around belief, dogma, and blind faith.  The shakti of Sagittarius is that planets placed here show lessons around dogmas and rules but will bring luck if they follow our dharma and will bestow deep wisdom if we can follow our path and purpose.   The curse of Sagittarius is that it will create war and conflict in order to uphold its belief and fundamentalist values and the US being Sagittarius rising is a difficult example of this.  The chance of another war or conflict to divert attention from all the other nonsense is likely in the fall with Mars in Aries and then retrograde there.    Jan. -Feb. 2021 also seems like something will happen with Mars in Aries.

We had noted that the ninth house/natural 9th sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius  is connected to Higher Education so colleges and they have been under fire for tuition rebates with Jupiter in Capricorn so maybe school will start up properly at college and Jupiter in Sag. this fall will quell the unrest.   Still with Jupiter back in Capricorn Nov. 2020-Nov. 2021, the swoon in Higher Education and its inflated pricing may finally get the ultimate reality check.

Jupiter will shine its gaze on Gemini till the end of year  and this will increase progress in telecommunications and publishing and chances are an even fancier I-phone that can walk the dog and do the laundry will be released.  Jupiter aspecting the North Node, Rahu, until September  will peak technological advancement with an adventurous spirit.  We may finally see a resolution to the fake news epidemic as moral and ethical behavior in journalism will benefit from Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Gemini and this may provide relief from the plague on TV journalism which seems to sink to new lows every day as rumor, innuendo, and gossip dominate truth. Hopefully the cases against Google and Facebook for censorship will be won and create justice and most of you probably are not aware how much domination and propaganda are being pushed by them.  Google’s invasion into privacy is going at warp speed and they already have Covid tracking apps on your cell phones unless you opt-out of them but who can figure that out in their maze of sub-programs.

The trinal aspect to Leo and Aries will return support to sports as Baseball reopens in July and maybe there will be a good chance for football in the fall with Jupiter supporting sports and athletic super-hero worship. Still, it could easily be crushed again when Jupiter goes back into Capricorn in late November so maybe basketball and hockey for the winter and fall will not make it if COVID Round 2 returns.

On an emotional level, Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our minds, accept the broader fabric of humanity and to develop our faith that things will work out.   We badly need our churches and synagogues to open and it is amazing that abortion clinics and pot stores were kept open as “essential” while houses of worship were closed.   We need God back and Jupiter in Sagittarius should help restore that even if our younger generation is not into the traditional religion of their parents so often.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will expand our sense of joy and hope and help us to search deeper for our true moral fiber so that we can restore faith and justice in the world.  The US is a Sagittarius rising country (July 4, 1776, 6:13 pm, Philadelphia) so there appears the last chance to restore the US integrity for the rest of the year and to drain the swamp on corruption.  Maybe truth and justice will be restored to the US infrastructure with this transit.  Given the US in a Rahu period until 2031, I am not that hopeful.

Sagittarius is connected to the hips and Gemini to the lungs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been hurting these areas for many and Jupiter to the rescue in 2020 will be supportive and finally, Saturn in Capricorn will bring relief to all the growing knee problems.

It’s hard to get too depressed by Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn has moved into its own sign of Capricorn. It seems that many problems in the first part of the year may get a lifted but we need to speak out and let our zealous politician in the cities know that what has happened is not right and if we do not the next 5 months, with Jupiter back in Capricorn next year, we will be throw back into being a Banana Republic.  The choice is our! .




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