We have hope the next 5 months with Jupiter in sidereal Sagittarius again and hopefully that will kick in better judgment and clearer thinking and moving back toward higher morals and ethics and rational thinking.  Getting  Rahu out of Gemini in September should also help a great deal as well as getting Ketu out of Sagittarius where religious and political zealots take over  common sense.

There  is a huge war between good and evil going on the planet.    Big Pharma wants us to spend $3000 a treatment on Remdesivir to treat Covid rather than take Vitamin C, Vitamin and Zinc and other natural immune system support systems like turmeric.    Vaccines will save the world even though flu shots rarely prevent the flu.   There are clearly forces that want to dis-empower us and force us to cower in our homes in fear and leaders around the world the discovering the absurdity of their power.  Today Mayor De Blasio said that New Yorkers could not gather for community events but it was historic for Black Lives Matters marchers to protest and that would be allowed.   During Covid, Orthodox Jews were prevented from gathering for funerals and churchs and synagogues were not allowed.  Are we not all equal under the first amendment?

Librarians are starting to ask if they can remove racist books from the shelves and out-cries over Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice are being considered with rebranding for political correctness.  Yes, we need to redress the wrongs of the past and bring racial equality to our world but it should not be about black or gay political correctness as all lives matter and all books  in any library should be allowed .  It is the foundation of our nation.  Lets be rational and use common sense. Yes,  we need to  redress racial injustice but we should not devolve into Nazi book-burning  parties or supporting violence and destruction and write it off as protesting. There is a difference.  There are forces at work that want to create a civil war in our county to destroy it and parts of  the media is cheer-leading it on.  Conservative and patriotic Americans are forced to hide for cover and not speak out lest they get blasted.  There is room for many opinions in our world and the answer is always somewhere in the middle.  Both parties have good things to offer and both parties are often filled with corruption also.

I am concerned that we the Black Lives Matter movement will devolve into the Cultural revolution movement of China in the 60’s. As  Peter Van Buren notes about what happened when the Chinese youth pushed the cultural revoluation from 1966-1977 in China:

Whetted, the mobs took the task to heart: Red Guards destroyed historical relics, statues, and artifacts, and ransacked cultural and religious sites. Libraries were burned. Religion was considered a tool of capitalists and so churches were destroyed—even the Temple of Confucius was wrecked. Eventually the Red Guards moved on to openly killing people who did not think as they did. Where were the police? The cops were told not to intervene in Red Guard activities, and if they did, the national police chief pardoned the Guards for any crimes.

Our youth think that Marxism and Socialism will solve all our problems but the history of Eastern Germany, Russia under Stalin or even Venezuela today under Maduro paint a  much darker picture.   


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It is important to be kind and compassionate and neutral toward “bad people.”  If you point your finger at someone and denounce them, 3 fingers point back at you and my Gurus have noted  that we can take on other people bad karma by dwelling on their negativity always. You all have experienced it. If you spend an hour tirading against someone and talking about their bad qualities then after an hour, your mind is filled with hate and anger and you have lost your peace and equanimity.    I see this all the time with Trump bashers.  The world is not going to immediately get better with a new President and it is naive to think that.  Be neutral toward negative people.  Help in your community rather than putting all your energy into hating and thinking that getting rid of a President or a party will solve our complex problems.

We are always given a choice.  Do we get caught in the media hype that wants to send us over the cliff or do we turn to the Divine and focus on all the good things that also happening?   There is a famous story of a Saint who always speaks positively about everything that is happening no matter how grim. A mischievous nay-Sayer,  was determined to get the saint to speak negative and took him down an alley where a dead animal was rotting.  When the saint failed to say anything negative, the nay-Sayer, beckoned him to say something and he said, “But look at those beautiful white teeth.”  Every person and politician has a good and challenging side. Trump has stood up to the China and helped reveal their world-domination agenda but he has been terrible for protecting the environment.

In our isolation, it is harder to practice neutrality and compassion and kindness but we can get on the phone and reach out and call a lonely elder or donate money to some needy causes or not get caught up in political bickering and destroying relationships because some has a different political opinion.   Take time to find the beauty in nature and the joy in our family lives. We have to reach back and find the beauty and wonder in small things. The flowering plants when we take a walk-in nature; the innocence and beauty of small children that remind of our simple life and play; the love of our family and friends at gatherings; the mystical magic of our spiritual practice or visit to our favorite house of worship.  Remember there is always something small and wonderful happening in tender moments and resist the misery of dwelling on anxiety and anger of Saturn or the brutality or the nodes.

What will be –will be. Find those moments of love and lightness to fall back on or you will be doomed to the gnawing and complaining mind. Find the sweetness of Venus in Taurus until August 1st which has saved the day and will still be strong for a while  and trust in the Divine, which is strong in Jupiter in Sagittarius now until Nov. 20th.

Wishing you all joy and blessings in the midst of your suffering, and may the Divine come to you in this great time of need and may you remember to find those moments of kindness and compassion because even in those moments of your own problems and suffering there are many more that need your love and help and that is why you are here.

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