Sun is opposing Jupiter today on July 14th and then opposing Pluto on Wednesday, July 15th and then opposing Saturn on July 20th.  The first two oppositions are between Gemini and Sagittarius and the latter one is more troubling between Cancer and Capricorn.   Oppositions represent conflicts between people, counties and the personal vs. the external world.

When oppositions happen between the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, the natural 4th and 10th signs of the zodiac, they represent the archetypal conflict between home and work, between being protected and being out in the world and shining.  Saturn in Capricorn aspecting Cancer has been bringing this energy to the forefront  all year with working from home and feeling protected and still longing to get back to the office and be in the world.   With Saturn in Capricorn until 2022, I suspect this issue will still continue.

The oppositions happening between Gemini and the 3rd house represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius and the 9th house represent the “higher mind” mind and the wisdom that spirituality and religion brings to the table.  Gemini and the third house rule curiosity and logical thinking and the media. Sagittarius and the ninth house rule a broader way of thinking–the quest for meaning of why we are here in are search for the Divine.  Inherent in this conflict is the opposition between the logic of Mercury and the 3rd house and the faith and dogma of Sagittarius.   Gemini also represents the media and Sagittarius religion and fundamental belief structures.   We have a lot of tensions in the world brewing on this front.

Sun opposing Jupiter is one of the better transits of the week as they are friends and the Sun is in the benevolent constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer. 3.20) so there is a nadi nakshatra yoga set up.  This combination can lead to optimistic and cheerful and that is something that we all need now.   It will also promote courage to do something that you have not done before as you reach into your self-confidence.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius you may have strong beliefs that you are willing to get out there and not be afraid of the consequences.  Maybe today is a good day to be bold  with your ideas and go for what you want but always with Jupiter in Sagittarius, you have to watch being too dogmatic or self-righteous.

Sun opposition Pluto into July 15th:  This aspect can be intense particularly in the world between heads of state and secret agencies like the Deep State. It can lead to power plays so expect world leaders to exercise their power and authority –and we have too much of this going on anyway if you care about the Bill of Rights.   This can lead to power struggles with others and people in authority and you have to find a way to stay strong and not get overwhelmed by intense plays for power.   Machinery could breakdown and you have to repair it and not just patch it.

On the positive side it will allow you to express your ambitions and allow them to manifest and make fundamental changes with transformational courage and exercise your power.    Make sure to stay out of violent areas and high crime zones as this is not a time to be vulnerable and we have too much craziness in the streets in the big cities.

Sun opposition Saturn: peaks into July 20th but felt through July 24th:

This is the archetypal power struggle with fathers, bosses and government and authority figures and you have to find a way not to be overwhelmed by them  This transit can bring up loneliness if you are isolated so make sure to reach out on the phone and connected.   There can be a strong battle going on between your responsibilities at work and at home and you will have to find a way to compromise.   We worry about another flare-up in the streets given the hot summer and brewing anger and this intense energy between Saturn, the people and the Sun, the President and leadership.

This aspect can bring out depression and can raise blood pressure so make sure if you are vulnerable in these areas to take extra care of yourself.  The Sun is the karaka or symbol for health and Saturn for illness so this opposition may be a peak of feeling that Covid is out of control and personally you have to boost your immune system the next few weeks and take substances that battle and prevent viruses like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, garlic and turmeric and echinacea as well as fresh air and sunshine.





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