Mars moves into the emotional knotted area at the end of Pisces (Pisces 27-0) called the gandanta August 8th-16th as it prepared to go into the sign of Aries.

The transition points between the water and the fire signs between 27-3 degrees Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are difficult transit points in the zodiac for planets.  Mars enters the transition area on Saturday, August 8th  and stays there until August 16th   with the August 15-17 time window being the most difficult.  People ruled by Mars like Aries or Scorpio rising will feel the impact most.  The end of Revati is a very spiritual place of completions as Mars leaves the satvic constellations that have supported spiritual growth and as it gets ready to move into Aries for the fire for new and active phase of existence  which represents rajas energy.  Storms can arise here in the transition as emotional unraveling of old and deep karmic spiritual issues arise and want to be healed.  The Aries section starting August 16-August 21st  is much easier to handle as Mars gets shot out of a canon and is ready for dynamic action to go forth and conquer but expect more emotional unraveling around deep issues until then. Powerful spiritual transformation is likely here with the Saturn aspect from Capricorn to Pisces onto Mars but it will bring frustration and intensity.    Mars in Aries will be unafflicted  and should give great power August 16-Oct 3rd for Aries and Scorpio rising and for Leos and Cancer’s.  For signs that have trouble with Mars like Taurus or Libra or Virgo, the Aries transit will give challenges of a stronger Mars that may be too prone to fight, exert is prowess or get into sexual con-questing.

Sun in the constellation of Ashlesha (Cancer 16.40-29.59)  is difficult but will cause the most problems August 6-16th when it is in the Navamshas of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces where fights between bosses and workers and conflicts with leaders may surface more intensely.   We always worry about toxins and pollution with transits through this constellation so stay on top of a pure diet.

Jupiter is stronger in Sagittarius but is hemmed in by Ketu and Saturn.  We see this manifesting in the US wanting to exert more law and order but being blocked by local mayors and politicians as the tensions with Black Live Matters and city protests/violence continues.  Concerned it will get more difficult as Mars goes into Aries and more fighting will come up.  Homicides are up 24% in troubled cities and the police are getting defunded and demoralized.  We can train policemen to stop brutality but at the same time we need them to keep societal order.   The police should get stronger  and move out of demoralization with Mars in Aries for about 6 weeks.

Rahu is moving to the end of the sign of Gemini as it prepares to go into Taurus on Sept. 23rd in the mean node system.  We are concerned that in September it will be a bit on edge and confused and turbulent and we have written about this in previous posts.  Still September is one of the better months with many planets in dignity including Sun in Leo, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sag, Saturn in Capricorn and the Moon will be in Cancer and Taurus for 6  days during all of this dignity. Hence Sept. 9-15th may be a very unusual period when all the planets can exert their major natures fully.

Through August 6th, Mars and Saturn are both in Aquarius Navamsha which can intensify anger, frustration and indecision on a soul level but this is short-lived.   With Saturn retrograde we are required to work on our demons but not be too hard on ourselves as Saturn is so fond of doing.  We are human and make mistakes and we have to be kind about  our imperfections.

Venus and Rahu together the first week of August and then Venus going into Rahu’s nakshatra of Ardra will increase media attention on political scandals in the sign of Gemini. This is nothing new but it may get more intense than usual.   The search for the Truth will be stronger with Jupiter’s aspect onto Gemini but Rahu will continue to create great confusion about everything and lets hope by October when Rahu is more solidly in Taurus that all these fake news scandals and disbelief and chaos around what is true will start to get lifted.

Stay safe.

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