Rahu has been in the sign of Gemini for 17 months and will finally leave on Sept. 23rd.  Gemini is the sign of the media and communication and Rahu has a way of creating smoke and mirrors and confusion about what is true.  Let’s hope we are finally able to get a better handle on truth after September.

In the days of Walter Cronkite we had high journalistic standards for truth and accuracy and in recent years those have evaporated in social manipulation, political propaganda and often deliberate lies.  Because most of the major media in the country are owned by 6-7 conglomerates, its very easy now to control what we read and hear and how we think.   Finally attention is being called out to Twitter and You Tube and Facebook for their censorship and they were asked to appear before Congress.  For 3 years CNN and MSNBC created all kinds of stories around Trump’s ties to Russia and collusion and after 3 years of a bi-partisan commission and 50 million dollars spent they found none.  But because  people want to hate Trump, they will continue to believe whatever the networks spit out.  Whether you like Trump or not, there is something wrong with the lack of journalistic integrity and lack of accountability.

I am very concerned with the way government leaders are willing to trample over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and block people from running their businesses, going to church etc.   I am interested in the truth and justice and I am very concerned about media manipulation.

Why are we so attached to our beliefs that we are not willing to do independent research and search for the truth and the facts? It takes a lot of work and time but if do not do it we are being manipulated.    I recently found a wonderful Swiss site on Covid that dug into a number of truths and false stories about Covid and it is worth taking the time to go through them if you are seeker of truth. My goal is to foster critical thinking about everything. Its up to you to make up your own mind.  Swiss site:

The situation with COVID is much more serious and there is a lot of manipulation and mid-truths happening. If you come out against the mainstream narratives, you are labeled a conspiracy nut.  People with lots of money and power are quick to squash uncomfortable truths from coming out.  Recently a group of real doctors came out  out to support a 65 year old safe drug, that has been effective in many countries to treat Covid in the early stages but Facebook and Twitter quickly banned their video conference and the media came out with a huge attack on these people who are real medical doctors who were trying to prevent an alternative opinion.   If you supported them you were supporting fake news.  Why should the media have more power to force doctors what to do and what to prescribe to their patients?  This is a decision between you and your doctor but because the drug is inexpensive and competes with new drugs and vaccines, it  is being trashed. Read this great article which researches the history of the use of this drug around the world and decided if this issue has not been politicized.

When evidence that lung cancer was linked to smoking in the early 60’s, the tobacco industry started a campaign of having doctors who smoke appear on their TV commercials supporting smoking. .  Monsanto and the dangers of cancer from Glysophate  have  always blowing smoke and mirrors and we were labeled conspirators. I used to tirade against GMO’s and whenever I posted something on Facebook, a troll would immediately appear and argue and denounced the post.   They had a huge group in Europe that would continually fight against the European journalists who would come out against GMOs.   Finally after twenty years, the California courts sided with cancer victims and awarded big money.   You are labeled a crank if you search for the truth and go against big corporate brain-washing.  Do you still believe that lone-gunman story for the killing of President Kennedy?  If not you are labeled a conspiracy nut.   It used to be required to study and pass high school civics and to study our constitution and that was dropped from our high school curriculum.  People are very unaware of what they are losing in the name of public safety and people’s lives are being ruined and forced into poverty.

Our world is being deliberately divided toward hate and division and we are forget that we are all humans and that people have the right to hold different political opinions and beliefs and that is a good thing in making a rich diverse tapestry. My hope is that with Jupiter in Sagittarius until Nov. 11th,  a sign of truth and justice that more truth will come out about what is really happening in our world.  You are all too smart to just buy into the idea that unless you cower in your homes in fear and wear masks in public and wait for a questionable virus with side-effects, that this virus will go away and everything will be fine.   And yes, the virus is real and if you are have co-morbidity, you have to protect yourself and your loved ones and you have to strengthen your immune system.

There is a huge battle of good and evil going on this planet.  Please use your critical minds and be open to searching for the truth before all our basic freedoms are taken away.   I have no time to argue or debate and that is not my purpose.   I just encourage you to search deep for the truth and keep an open mind that what is being fed to us over the media is not the truth.


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