Pluto is squaring Mars on August 13th  and has an influence August 10-16 and this one is a bit more intense and is often a signature for earthquakes and power struggles.  It is happening at the end of Pisces where Mars is emotionally vulnerable and wanting to move from the spiritual ambitions it has into the material world of action to create success as it goes into Aries on August 16th.

Ambitions may be strong but people at work may try to dominate your aspirations and their could be ego clashes. With Mars in Pisces and aspected by Jupiter with a 75% aspect, these should be very minor and actually somewhat supportive.  If there are clashes with groups at work, then avoid being a victim and make sure you are assertive without getting too angry.  Not a good time to fight with your boss who may want to assert his power more.   The impact of this connection is rather quick and should be over by August 16th -17th as and Mars goes into Aries on Sunday , August 16th and will bring new energy for rapid employment of new ideas and plenty of action to get things done.

This aspect trigger strong ego issues and challenges  and can lead to frustration if you feel blocked.   Remember to accept the opinions and feedback of others and not get stuck in your own belief structure.  You can work hard for long hours and get a lot done and often with this aspect, but  if you have this signature in   your natal chart, you may bowl people over with your power and disregard their needs.

The need to fight will come up strongly but make sure you get support from others.  Avoid power trips and watch out for sneak attacks from the opposition. Be careful driving if you have any pent-up  anger  and make sure to be one-pointed driving and not multi-tasking in the car and avoid unnecessary risks.  With the power struggle tripping, should be another exciting week in Washington and with local government.

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