Updating our article  published two years ago and deserves  a revisit with some additions:

Subscribers often want me to do long-term forecasting and I have stayed away from it over the past years because our world changes so quickly and difficult problems are being solved by new technologies. At the same time, the Central Banker/ Military Industrial Complex, media whitewash continues to leave us wondering about the end game as historically the world has never built up these unsustainable levels of debt that cannot end prettily without massive changes and reality checks that our leaders do not want to do.   Now in the Age of Covid with the global economic reset, a climax of our years of  imbalanced budgets and spending out of control will have to come for a reset but given the movement toward Helicopter money and creating money out of thin air and electronically distributing and with all the world in the same mess, do we have worry that the US will become another Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe?  Only China and Russia have built up gold reserves strong enough to back their currencies and make them “gold-standard” but China has also rebuilt its country on smoke and mirrors and excessive debt.

No one is addressing the notion that the glories of Detroit and the wonder of the glorified industrial age can not repeat on dreams of electric cars that run by themselves even if TESLA stock and NIO are absurdly being built up.  . Meanwhile Amazon and Walmart continue to take over the world and price everyone out of business and Amazon now has 34% of retail market share in the US and only threats of Anti-Trust suits and making them happen will give mainstream America a chance.

We wonder why we struggle. Automation and robotics continue to make people less important and our government is supporting the oligarchy in their profitable questing at the expense of struggling real people. We have indeed hit the climax that we predicted a few years ago.


We noted in our article of 2018, that there would be a a huge climax into January 13, 2020 with Saturn conjunct Pluto when the karmic backlash of the abuse of power and the misuse of advanced technology can be the most severe. We have talked about this great this year as leaders all around the world have imprisoned their people in their homes and exercised and created excessive  power control plays such as in the States of Michigan and Oregon as well as in Melbourne, Australia where people have been shut out of their work, going to church,  being arrested for opening their gyms in New Jersey and other outlandish edicts that no one would have imagined two years ago when we first wrote this article.

Pluto will be  returning into Capricorn in 2021  where it is controlled by the dispositor, Saturn.  We worry that it will be worst next year unless people stand up and do not allow the Bill of Rights to be shredded in the name of a virus which is deadly for certain parts of the population but should not require forcing people onto the streets or going into bankruptcy.   Its really up to you to fight for your rights because what has happened is that the budgets of California, New York, Illinois and New Jersey  and their pension programs are so twisted and out of whack that politicians are ready to sacrifice their constituents to a poorly tested and rushed vaccine for which the drug manufacturers have no liability for law suits from side effects.   If you remember the 1976 Swine Flu disaster with President Ford, many people who received inoculations became paralyzed and Ford lost his reelection bid in 1976 due to this fiasco.

We do know that there are forces of light on the planet that are working hard to prevent a total world meltdown but there are others who seem worse than Hitler in their desire to exercise population control.  The Davos Group in league with Bill Gates have decided they know better how to solve the problems with the world and have the power and the money to exert their influence.




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Saturn/Pluto conjunctions offer mark major changes of power and the  world as occurred in 1914 with the fall of Prussia and the start of World 1 and in 1947 with the creation of the Breton Wood agreement and the reorganization of world economics.  In Oct 1982-Oct. 1983 the two planets were also closely conjunct within a few degrees.  Sept.-Oct. 1982 was particularly tense with the shooting down by the Soviets of a passenger plane in their airspace and the averting of nuclear war when Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov averts a worldwide nuclear war by correctly identifying a warning of attack by U.S. missiles as a false alarm.

This is particularly disturbing because of the 40 year war cycle looking back at the Iran/Iraq war of 1979 and the start of World War 2 in 1939 and Covid is again a world war but this time  the 40 year cycle but it is luckily not a shooting war–yet.  . One has to think of a climax in the rise of the Plutocracy where the wealth of the world has been consolidated into an elite few has to be challenged by rioting with the Saturnine masses revolting against the elite and uncaring government but because of lock-downs, they have not been able to riot except the Black Live Matters protestors.

Saudi Arabia and China seem particularly vulnerable to massive change with the conjunction happening in their 12th  house with the US having a 1st house conjunction. Turkey seems particularly vulnerable with it happening in their 7th house .

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction :  DEC 2020.

Joni Patry has done a good job in her book on finance about the The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction which has historical marked the beginning of recessionary period and they often last 3 years.  Summarizing her findings:   The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 2000 create a key top in the stock market and the beginning of a 3 year bear market.  In 1979-1980, they were conjunct in Leo when Regan was elected and Reganomics and tax cuts reduced inflation and tripled the national debt and increased the gap between the rich and the poor.   In 1960-1, Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in Sagittarius and Capricorn  leading to Kennedy passing a massive tax cut  to bring growth to the next decade. In 1940-1, Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct in the difficult sign of Aries and also conjunct Ketu in 1941 leading to the start of World War 2 and a very difficult time for the world.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happens on Dec. 21st, 2020 at about 6 degrees Capricorn.  It is a difficult point for Jupiter as it is just past the lowest point of the 12 year cycle at 5 degrees Capricorn and is a low point for spiritual energy as Jupiter in Capricorn moves out of dharma and gets to encrusted in the material world. Still it is uplifting Saturn greatly and Saturn will be very strong in Capricorn for rebuilding infrastructure and I think China, a Capricorn country will benefit great in 2021 while the US has to deal with a 2nd house transit of Saturn and financial reorganization.  Still Jupiter in Capricorn is taken down in terms of ethics and morality so more scheming and lies seem likely to hit and business ethics  will move toward a low into late 2020 and early 2021.


 The last Saturn/Pluto conjunction from Regan in 1982-83 began a larger unbalancing of the social divisions between the rich and the poor and the death of the middle class.   A falling stock market, failing pension programs and falling housing prices and other bubbles bursting in 2019-20 should incite massive social upheaval and lead to massive economic reform into 2022 as Saturn and Pluto stay in Capricorn together and Jupiter will be there also Nov. 2020-Nov. 2021.  Jupiter in Capricorn loses its moral and ethical integrity so we are not hopeful for a positive resolution in 2021.

Our sense is that eventually Saturn will want to support the poor and root out the corruption of the drunken power elite who have raped and pillaged their way in taking over government as seen in the way the EU has been operating. The rebellion that started with Brexit will continue in other EU countries like Austria, Hungary, Poland and France and Italy and Spain and the energy of the conjunction will leave these power-control freaks, unable to maintain control and given the 40 year war cycle, they will try to

The banking industry, which is ruled by Jupiter has to go through a major change. Can Saturn bring truth and uproot corruption here?   Scandals with Deutsche Bank and its inevitable collapse may be one trigger that starts a deeper unraveling in the world economic system.  Will someone rise up in world leadership to demand ethical behavior with our politicians and their ties to the banking system?  Skeptical.

I remain a bit cynical as the “deep state” and power elite manage to dig themselves out every crisis and they usual start wars to deflect their corruption and thievery.   That appears to be the modus operandi for China and the US.   I hope that Saturn and Jupiter are strong enough in the fall of 2019 to allow for positive change  but I have seen too much manipulation and power-mongering over the years to be too hopeful as we have moved more into an Orwellian world.  I suspect the transition will take until 2022-23 with Jupiter moving into Pisces. For now, take care of each other and help others in need.

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