The big event for September  is the slowing down of Mars in Aries  as it prepares to go stationary on Sept 9th and turn retrograde until Nov. 13th.    Mars retrograde happens for about 2 months every two years but it does not happen very often in the sign of Aries and unfortunately it gets a strong aspect from Saturn within 3 degrees  until Oct. 3rd and then spends another 10 days in the difficult karmically emotionally knotted area at the end of Pisces know as the gandanta.    The last Mars retrograde in Aries was in Oct-Dec. 2005  and it was in the constellation of Kritika and Bharani.  We  also had Mars retrograde in Pisces August-October 1988.  The last retrograde Mars in the Aries and Pisces  gandanta was Sept-Nov. 1941 during World War 2.

If you have retrograde Mars in your natal chart, Mars is less inclined to take action and a person needs a fire under them to get something done. There can be a lot of procrastination. Hence, it can be a bad time for starting new projects or doing business projects. There still can be a lot of energy but you may feel blocked at times. Getting plenty of exercise and movement is important during Mars retrograde. Also it is  important to let out anger before it explodes and the conjunction with Ketu in the D9 with until Sept. 23rd will be very challenging for that.   We have written about this last week.

My experience with retrograde Mars in Aries  is that it will still have a high  energy level and strong competitive energy and technical savvy and strong sense of service but the retrograde energy can subjectively give one the weak energy in early degrees sign and conjunct Ketu in the D9,  can bring out the darker energy of Mars which is a strong ego, arrogance,  anger, lack of interest in family matters, problems with being motivated, neglecting friendships  particularly through Sept. 23rd.  The energy is  bit warped because of Ketu as we have discussed before and there can be a tendency to do things to quickly and in a rush and that can cause injuries and accidents. So you have to remember to slow down and not be impulsive.   Slow down!

For the  wrong signs retrograde malefics tend to do more harm than good, so Libra and Taurus may feel it strongly.  Cancer and Leo  rising and Sagittarius and Scorpio rising with Mars owning good houses will do better with this transit.   Libra will have major relationship issues and ego conflicts, Taurus problems with repressed anger getting moving and  Virgo and Gemini will be challenged with Mars and Mercury being bitter enemies so lots of verbal wranglings can happen. Aries and Scorpio rising will do best with the transit but Scorpio will benefiting  more during the Pisces section Oct. 13-Nov. 13 and Aries will miss the party with the strong square from Saturn and conjunction of Ketu in the D9

We sometimes just have to get out there and do things carefully rather than procrastinate and we have to get a lot of exercise in to release any bottled up explosive energy that wants to come out so it does not explode in the wrong way.  If anger is bottling up, find a way to release it through exercise or dance or maybe just hitting a pillow or screaming out loud when there is no one to bear the brunt of your anger.

Find ways to stay cool by avoiding hot and spicy foods, drinking coconut water and cooling food and avoid over-exerting yourself which can lead to wild bursts of anger.  Learn to be patient with delays and frustrations and realize it will all get done without abusing your body and those around you.

On the level of Mundane astrology, in the fall of 2005 we had trial of Saddam Hussein, Hurricane Wilma.  In the fall of 1941, which is the best analogue year we had WW2 going on with Germany and major holocaust  events happening as well as another major hurricane hitting Galveston, TX.

Mars/Ketu energy  with the conjunction in D9 is not great for peace as in the past we have had riots.  When we had Mars going retrograde in Capricorn in 1971 and moving toward conjunction with Rahu  there was a coup attempt in Morocco and troop involvement in Ireland increased by the UK.     There was a lot of fighting that summer with the UK and Belfast.   In August  1971, Camden, NJ erupted in race riots. The genocidal war in Pakistan which had started in March 1971 and continued for 9 months, was peaking in August giving rise to George Harrison’s famous Concert for Bangladesh in Madison Square Garden.

Mars/Ketu tends to bring seething anger than can explode so in troubled areas around the world, one would expect more rioting to happen in September and it is not something our troubled cities need as we saw with the riots in Kenosha, WI over the past few days.  Pray for peace and luckily there is a wide aspect from Jupiter in Sagittarius to calm things down and many of the other planets are in dignity in mid-September although we worry about the nodes in gandanta and have written about that.


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