In our 2020 Sneak Preview, we had noted an unusual number of very positive astrological events in Sept. 2020 centering around Sept 8-10th and Sept. 13-15th.   We have Mars in its own sign of Aries,  Sun in its own sign of Leo,  Mercury exalted in Virgo,  Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius going direct on Sept. 12th and Saturn in its sign of Capricorn.  For 6 days the moon also has dignity exalted in Taurus Sept. 8-10th and in Cancer Sept. 13-15th.  My friend Steven Stuckey ran a computer analysis of this configuration and we have not seen it for 5000 years in the past and we will get it again in maybe 200 years.

Usually we like planets to have dignity because they bring out their deepest archetypal nature. It is also very positive that they are spread out in 8 different signs of the zodiac  which is a positive yoga in itself which does not happen often.   How this impacts you is very dependent on your own chart and astrology is always complex so some rising signs may benefit more than than others and the nuances of all of this is complex.  There is always something gumming up the works as the nodes are changing signs Sept. 23rd in the mean node system and they tend to get a bit crazy during their transition time.   Let’s look at them one planet at a time:

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS: Until Nov. 11th.  Jupiter is stationary direct on Sept. 12th and usually 4 days before and after it can have a very positive and expansive feeling . It is trining the Sun in Leo exactly and this will increase optimism and confidence, support leadership and good decision making and enthusiasm.  These are all badly needed.  If you are Sagittarius or Pisces rising you will enjoy the station and the benefits for home and domestic life and your health will be supported as will your relationship with Gurus, father figures and bosses.  The US is a Sagittarius country and the station should be supportive for optimism about our future our health as a nation.

SATURN IN CAPRICORN:  Ongoing until April 29, 2022.  Retrograde malefics are stronger to cause more harm and Saturn in Capricorn has been the grim reaper this year and caused a lot of suffering. It goes stationary direct on Sept. 28th and usually 8 days before and after it has a more powerful impact.  That means Sept. 20-Oct. 5th  may be intense but as it goes direct, it will have less power to cause harm.  Only Capricorn rising has been really helped by Saturn in Capricorn as it is a 12th house transit for Aquarius rising and even though Taurus and Libra are good friends, the 4th house transit of Saturn has been difficult on domestic life and happiness and hard work to make them happen and the 9th house transit for Taurus rising has only brought good luck and good fortune and better relationships with one’s fathers and Gurus with hard work and struggle and frustration.

MARS IN ARIES:  AUGUST 16-OCT 3RD  We have written about this the last week but Mars is getting a 75% strong aspect from Saturn until Oct. 3rd  and is conjunct Ketu in the D9 chart until Sept. 23rd and it is frustrated in releasing its creativity and energy and blocked in its power.  It goes retrograde on Sept. 9th until Nov. 13th and while retrograde Mars may be better for Aries and Scorpio rising to give them more power, we do not like retrograde malefics as they have more power to do harm and Mars’s darker and more violent energies and anger may come out.  We have discussed the need for exercise and cooling liquids like coconut water to pacify the energy.   Not seeing Mars as being a real positive because of the Saturn and Ketu afflictions in September and then it retrogrades back into Pisces Oct. 3rd-Nov. 13th and that may calm it after it gets out of the gandanta or knotted emotional late degrees between Oct 3rd-13th.  Mars does get a wide aspect from Jupiter the whole month and it will increase courage and enthusiasm and leadership but these are too dampened by Saturn and Ketu and I suspect Mars is more a negative on the month.


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This is a particularly good year for Sun in Leo with the trine from Jupiter in Sagittarius bring out enthusiasm, confidence, leadership, support in the field of medicine and should support for  health. It promotes peace and harmony and optimism.  There will be great joy in trying out new things and you will feel empowered to take charge of your life .  Leo will particularly experience great luck and have deeper connections to God and Guru and religion.   The peak of this energy will be felt on Sundays Sept. 6th and 13th with the exact aspect on Sept. 9th.


We always enjoy the exalted Mercury as it allows for great writing, communication, deep thinking and in the 6th sign of the zodiac Virgo, its max. healing abilities come out and our planet need that energy greatly. Mercury’s  transits into Virgo, its sign of exaltation September 2-22nd  enhances Mercury’s powers as described above and is a great time for deep thought and creative expression in music and writing and is a great time for a clear intellect and coherent thinking. Geminis and Virgo rising particularly do well with the transit for health and career. It is a fourth house transit for Geminis bringing up richness in family life and a chance for real estate development and remodeling projects.

VENUS IN CANCER SEPT 1st-27th misses  the party during the month  and has a rougher time in the constellation of Ashlesha Sept. 16-29th and we will write more about that later. It also receives an exact aspect from Saturn on Sept. 2nd which may dampen fun and expansion but the two planets are friends and they do support each other and Venus can help tone down Saturn’s harsher qualities if we allow ourselves to be in relationship, get out more and explore the arts–all a bit harder in the age of Covid.

RAHU AND KETU: The real party poopers are the nodes which change signs on Sept. 23rd with Rahu  moving from Gemini into Taurus and Ketu moving  from Sagittarius into Scorpio.   They are considered sandhi or in early or late degrees Sept 3rd-Oct 13th.  While the nodes have dignity in Taurus and Scorpio, it is also a matter of malefics with more dignity have more energy to create problems.  We have written about Rahu in Taurus and will write soon about Ketu in Scorpio.  The real problem is the transition zone.

Rahu when afflicted by being sandhi  (Sept 3-Oct. 13th) or on the edge can be more anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces beyond his control, victimized by overpowering forces, may have more nightmares or difficult dreams, or be a bit manic-depressive. If you have your Sun or Moon a 0-1 degree of the water signs, Gemini you probably will feel this more or if you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or if you are in a Rahu period or a Dasha period where Rahu is the nakshatra lord. It could also lead to emptiness leading toward addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, and psychological intensity and mental anguish.

Ketu on the edge 0-1 degree Sag. and 29-1 Scorpio (Sept. 3-Oct. 13) can have a strong desire to change directions in life, wants to give up material attachment, feels disillusioned, has difficult emotional knots to unravel, feels unsettled and his emotional distortions may tend toward self-isolation. may feel stuck in the past with regrets. If you are in a Ketu period, ruled by Scorpio, or have the Sun or the Moon or key planets at 0-1 Sagittarius or 29 degrees Scorpio, you may intensely feel this energy then.

What does it all mean?   If there is to be hope to breakthrough on our planet, we have a strong chance the first two weeks of September.  Let’s hope for scientific breakthroughs, moving out of the clouds of fear and chaos and confusion and getting some action taken to break the craziness of the defunding the police movement, letting  more prisoners out of jail, getting  rid of cash bail for criminals, blocking alternative medical opinions about the early treatment of the Corona virus, stopping the lock-downs in cities and blocking people from going to work and school and all of the other craziness that has plagued this year.   I think people are much smarter than the media and politicians think and they can see through the craziness.  Yes we should support and re-address  problems here but,  who really wants less police protection for their neighborhoods?  Yes we should find money for alternative social programs but New York is a mess now as their mayor let out 8000 prisoners and defunded the police  crime is up.   Do you really want a Marxist revolution.  Please stand up to your local mayors on councilmen when they get a bit absurd.

I think you have to stand up to government tyranny.  Citizens of Wisconsin last May got their State Supreme Court to allow them reopen their businesses while in Melbourne Australia now people are under strict curfews, being watched by drones and being severely locked down.   As I have discussed if we do not speak out while Jupiter is in Sagittarius then when Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto are together again in Capricorn, we will be in more dire straits.  Continue to look for the truth and it is not coming from mainstream media.   Deaths are down but now they site cases and cases including  everyone who tests positive even if they have no symptoms.   This is not the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.    Keep searching for the truth and help others.    We still have a long way to go until at least May 2021 as the transition on the planet continues and until Saturn gets into Aquarius and completely away from Pluto, we have a long ways to go get out of this mess.


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