I usually do not write about transits in the D9 or Navamsha chart but this one is going on for 5 weeks and is also Mars  being squared by Saturn with a 75% aspect exactly for quite a long time.   Mars in in the first three degrees of Aries until Oct. 3rd when it goes back into Pisces and Ketu is in the early degrees of Sagittarius until it retrogrades back into Scorpio on Sept. 23rd.  They are both in Aries Navamsha.  While we do not believe in trinal aspects from Ketu because he is headless and has no desire,  in this case the conjunction in the D9 chart is having the same impact.   Add the fact that Saturn is at 1-2 degrees Capricorn squaring Mars within 1-2 degrees until Oct. 3rd, we have a slow intense malefic combination of Mars/Ketu/Saturn. Mars in Aries is aggressive and a bit angry anyway but add the aspects from Ketu and Saturn and it is out of control.  Not good for our planet at the moment.  The combination of the three planets can lead to impulsive lashing out and fighting due to pent up frustration and anger.  Make sure to pause and release your anger before lashing out or making mistakes. Drinking cooling liquids that reduce the fire element like coconut milk, rose water and avoid hot and spicy foods.

On a personal level, the connection between Mars and Ketu means that you cannot let anger be repressed or it will explode in a verbal or physical attack. Exercise is a good way to work off this energy but also just let it out by screaming in your empty house. Continue to be 100% focused when doing physical activity and driving as unexpressed anger can rear its ugly head. We have seen too many reports of accidents and injuries already. Stay alert, let the energy out and use it to  help others in need.  You need to focus on one thing at a time so if you driving or working with power tools or even walking up and down stairs so be 100% present and focuses in everything you do over the next two weeks.   The warrior pose in yoga is a good balance pose for activating the third eye nakshatra and alertness in activity. Hanuman Chaliesa is always good to rebalance Mars and move its energy into service.

Mars/Ketu conjunction in D9  will impact you most if you have that signature in your natal chart, if you have key planets at  0-3  degrees  Aries or Sagittarius Sagittarius  and if you are Scorpio or Aries rising and if you are in  Mars/Ketu or Ketu /Mars period in your dashas.

Remember you usually need a natal signature in your chart, a difficult dasha combination and a key transit to key planets in your chart to trigger something major so do not worry about stuff and if you have those combinations, see a professional astrologer to prescribe mantras and yagyas but just being on top of your meditation and yoga and chanting is often good enough.

With Mars/Ketu combinations there can be   dangers from fire or electricity or surgery if you are running a Mars/Ketu or Ketu/Mars cycle

On the positive side, for Aries rising and Scorpio rising, you will be most affected by this transit and it can increase intuition and for Aries rising, it can increase spirituality and a desire to go inward and withdraw from the world. If you do not have the luxury for long meditation courses or being a recluse, then you will have to get your active button in gear.

The key is not to bottle up anger and express your feelings or the anger will suddenly explode. Ketu has a tendency to just repress and then suddenly explode so keep it honest and know it is healthy to express anger and unhealthy to repress.  Mars/Ketu may lead to bottled up power struggles so you have to get out there and act and express your power or it will explode.  Fights with brothers may be more prone to come up over the next month.

The Saturn square from Capricorn peaks exactly into Monday, August 24th but is within a few degrees radius until Mars retrogrades back into Pisces.   This energy can lead to a lot of frustration and delays and you just have to remember your mantra, it will happen in its own time or if you are not patient, you will explode or get sick.

Remember exercise, screaming in empty rooms and punching your pillow are valid ways to release anger when it is inappropriate to take it out on a loved one.  Men are from Mars so often another man knows how to handle anger and it can lead to healthy interchanges and healing whereas its hard for women to handle the anger of a man and they feel unsafe.

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