Ketu transits into Scorpio on Sept. 12th in the true node system and Sept. 23rd using the mean node system and I find the mean node system more accurate.

Ketu or the South Node is a combination of all our past lives and events and ideas from all incarnations and unresolved energies that are there to propel us into the future. We tend to rest comfortably on the energy of the South node because it is familiar territory and it provides a foundation for us to move forward in this life. If afflicted, it can be a burden from the past and impinge on our present life. If in dignity connected to Jupiter, it provides a deep foundation to support us in the present life with deep knowledge and devotion to religion or our Guru. Ketu has no head and it feels with heart and reacts instinctively, emotionally, and intuitively rather than intellectual. The deepest purpose of Ketu is to connect the conscious mind to the subconscious and opens up mysteries to unlock our spiritual quest.

Ketu is the co-ruler of Scorpio along with Mars and as the natural 8th sign of the zodiac, it is connected to mystical experience and interest in the occult. It can often become the sole ruler of Scorpio is conjunct another planet and if Mars is alone and this gets ignored often in the analysis.

Ketu in Scorpio will be at its maximum power to enjoy meditation and spiritual bliss but the dark side of this is that it might have trouble functioning in the world. It will be a max. potential to transform and let go of the past particularly if you are undergoing a Ketu return and have natal Ketu in Scorpio. Deep intuitive energies will be maximized created a heightened ESP energy particularly if you have Scorpio rising or Scorpio moon.

This year and a half will increase spiritual energies and desire for enlightenment and release from the wheel of karma. Still, when it gets out of balance it can not be practical and may away from the difficult realities that our planet is facing.

The first part of the transit is the most difficult until Nov. 18th. The end of Scorpio, 27-30 degrees is called the stinger tail and is in the gandanta which means drowning. Ketu will transit that area Sept. 23rd-Nov. 18th and it can be very intense for world suffering. The key is to get in touch with the deep karmic subconscious patterns and heal them and transform them. This transit will most impact you if you are Scorpio, Leo or Capricorn, Aquarius or Taurus rising signs and if you have key planets 26-0 there. Still, Ketu out of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) will release some of the karmic COVID energy, and let’s hope a cure a release from the insanity will start to develop but it seems more this is likely after Nov. 18th.

The most difficult part of the journey when Ketu is Scorpio 29.20-29.49 Sept 23-Oct 5th when the psyche wants to unravel material sheaths and break free and this can create emotional turmoil. This is an area where one does not feel emotional support and difficult problems are tricky to unravel. Get a head start on these ahead of time as this gandanta area or knotted emotional area of the psyche is difficult to handle. Go deep into the fear and recognize the illusion of it. You are safe and secure and no one or nothing can harm you

Scorpio is an intense sign of the zodiac and it is like a swamp of unconscious fears and Ketu representing our past can stir them up. Given the context of the world we are in with COVID lockdowns, raging wildfires, and riots, we start fearing the end of the world and exaggerate those dangers. We have written about the uselessness of fear and of how 99% of what we fear does not happen so you always have to remember most of what we fear will not happen. Use exercise, yoga, and meditation to calm the energy in Scorpio. Stay away from Hollywood fear and media exaggerations and horror productions as they feed this energy and will quickly get you out of balance. The 8th house is connected to death and Ketu in Scorpio may start spinning all kinds of past life death fantasies in your mind and for the rest of the world — when none really exist. Even if major earth changes and wars are coming, why waste your energy in the fear of the future? God has a plan and we have to trust.

Ketu in Scorpio may want to stay secretive and emotionally repressed as Scorpio has that mysterious energy. In its deepest sense, Scorpio is always beckoning us to meditation and the transcendental mysteries (its deepest Ketu nature) but this may only come after we have exhausted ourselves by thinking we can calm those unconscious fears with sexual over-stimulation or addictive behavior. Again, you have to go for the higher energies of the 8th house with meditation, astrology, and the quest for liberation as sexual fantasies and addictive patterns will only lead to crashing and burning unless you are in a very loving relationship with a caring and nurturing partner.

Ketu in Scorpio can bring out the darker energies of sexual manipulation or fears of expressing true intimacy through deep love and this may lead to problems. You are going to have to find a way to let this sexually repressed energy out in a positive way and sometimes that can be handled through artistic creativity and moving the energy up rather than down. Still, Ketu can create a lot of emotional turmoil around 8th house energy. This natural sign of the zodiac represents the kundalini energy and the energy can go up or down but when it goes down it ultimately leads to dullness and inertia and is a form of checking out we seek from the deep unconscious fears of the 8th house. Discover spiritual practices and move the energy up to enliven joy and alertness in the higher chakras.

When repressed unconscious fears over death or unexpressed sexual energy happen, it can lead to depression and Ketu in the late degrees of Scorpio may bring up more of this dark energy. This may be a time to go into therapy, regularly talk with your partner but do not let the bottled emotion stew in the natural 8th house of the swamp of the zodiac or it can become problematic. Seek professional help and turn to spiritual initiation to move the energy out of the swamp.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton for all her wisdom over the years around the Nodes.

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