The bright spot for the week is that Jupiter now is turning direct on Saturday, Sept. 12th at 8:42 pm EDT  and will continue in Sagittarius until Nov 20th and will move toward exact conjunction with Pluto into Nov 12.

Jupiter is very powerful in the sky when it is stationary a week before and after its stationary action and Donald Trump has a stationary Jupiter in his natal chart in the 2nd house in Virgo and creates great power for wealth and have to think that it will continue to empower him.

Jupiter has a lot to do with marketing and expansion and delays in expanding and moving forward are now lifted in business so that things will happen more now if you have been stuck with business expansion, it will not be lifted and we do not get Jupiter retograde again until June 20, 2021 in Aquarius.

If you are Sagittarius or Pisces rising or in a Jupiter period, this shift in energy will be felt dramatically.   Retrograde benefics are more powerful and we will lose some of the extra boost in the direct movement and Jupiter is still in the constellation of Purvashadha nakshatra (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) , owned by Venus, until Oct. 28th and that association is good for expansive energies.

Jupiter governs the higher mind, wisdom, religion, charity, good deeps, children, husbands and the kapha element (earth/water) in Ayurveda. Its movement forward now should improve all these things.  Still there is a lot of background noise with the nodes changing signs and sandhi or at early degrees until Oct. 18th and Saturn retrograde until Sept. 28th.

We have an unusual trine in the fire signs between Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Mars in Aries and Sun in Leo and this should support dharma and right action.   Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to support law and order and now moving direct it may get more power to handle the riots and other bizarre things happening in our world.  Let’s hope for a big restoration of natural law and rooting out corruption over the next few months as Jupiter in Capricorn again Nov. 20- April 5th will be lower on ethics and more prone to corruption.    We have hopes that Jupiter in Aquarius August 5, 2021- Sept 14, 2021 will help restore our quest for liberty and increase humanitarian values so that we can move beyond the craziness that we are currently experiencing. I love this picture of father Christmas who embodies Jupiter’s generosity and love and wisdom and we could all use a little Christmas at this point and with 5-6 week in Rocky Mountain National Park this week, winter may be very welcome.

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