This month we are at a key juncture point in the world astrology. The news seems rather dark and we have to also think that there are forces of good working behind the scenes and that God is working overtime to keep our planet together.

The devastating West coast fires are breaking our hearts and our compassion should to out to everyone who is so vulnerable out there.   We can predict world rainfall using Nakshatras.  Mars retrograde in Aries now in a fire sign in the hot and dry nakshatra of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) is not going to help the wildfire situation much and even when it moves into Pisces and Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) , that nakshatra is still considered very  a hot and dry nakshatra.  Most of the fall nakshatras, Hasta thorugh Mula nakshatras ( Virgo 10.00-Sagittarius 13.20) tend to be dry or hot and dry and only Venus doing through watery nakshatras from Ashlesha to Uttaraphalguni (Cancer 16.40-Virgo 10.00) through late October will help rebalance things.

The great trine between Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sun in Leo and Mars in Aries now connect all the fire signs and good friends together to unite in dharma and upholding natural law.  Let’s hope that some of the world corruption and craziness can be rooted out during the next month to root out corruption in the world.  Still other forces are still trying to spin darkness and confusion as Rahu moves out of Gemini into Taurus on Sept 12th in the true node system and Sept. 23rd in the mean node system but Ketu shifts into the difficult knotted emotional area called the gandanta  into  late Scorpio (Sept. 23-Oct. 18th).

Today we are remember 9/11 and 19 years ago Ketu was in early degrees of Sagittarius but conjuct Mars  and Rahu was in early degrees of  Gemini so the nodal return anniversary is particularly poignant this year. There are eerie parallels with the confusion, fear and paranoia. Back then people also stopped flying and we had the Antrax scare.

We are being censored by Facebook, Twitter and Google and doctors who cry out against the gospel of the WHO are having their posts and videos taken down as quickly as they can go up.  You have to dig deep for the truth and for alternate opinions.   Rahu is still creating so much fear and confusion in the media that we do not know what is true.   We have hope with Jupiter direct in Sagittarius and Ketu moving out of Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) on Sept. 23rd that maybe we will get some relief.    There are signs that the death rate has been seriously down since peaking in the spring according to the CDC stats although cases are up and we always have to look at hospitalization and sickness rates.  It does seem that doctors have a better handle on how to treat it now and that is progress.

Saturn is the grim reaper in Capricorn and will go direct on Sept. 28th and it is less malefic when it is direct and Jupiter will uplift it starting in November/Dec with the conjunction and that should help  but Pluto is still there with it and that triple conjunction will repeat the  March-May 2020 situation that we saw.  We worry about more lock-downs and more draconian laws.  We are also  concerned about another pandemic being  released or a 2nd wave so that more control by government can be taken this late fall and winter.

With the nodes changing signs from now until Oct. 18th, Rahu is creating a more eerie paranoia and subconscious fear and so you have to stay on top of meditation and yoga and keep the news off as the media is still trying to manipulate us and politicians in certain areas are hard at work with their swords out and that is not  helping. If we have a chance for law and order to be restored, it needs to happen between now and mid-November and you should write your governors and mayors if they are getting more draconian in their edicts.  Last May in Wisconsin, the people filed suit against the lock-downs and the Supreme Court of Wisconsin upheld the people.  If you have connections to legal teams to file suit against some of this craziness, you need to speak up and act before it gets worse.   While not publicized in the US due to media black-outs, a million people rallied in Berlin last weekend against the situation and Kennedy spoke at a rally.

I want to stay away from the election forecasting this year because these predictions make no one happy.   Everyone  is already forecasting a mess and they are preparing us for more riots. As I have pointed out in previous posts, we need to move beyond a politics of hate and division and accept opposing opinions. I see good and challenges in both parties but the division in the US is destoying our country.   I do not know the outcome but no one wants violence an rioting and lawlessness in their cities and we need to feel safe and yes we need justice and equality for everyone but not at the cost of such destruction.   London used to be the  financial center of the world before World War 2 and then it moved to New York after the War  and currently New York is in a huge transition which we hope they can survive but people are fleeing in droves and people cannot find moving vans.   China has been accumulating gold reserves and wants to become the new center of the financial world and we will see if they are successful .  They are a Capricorn country and have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct there next year.   Within the next 3-4 years with the huge debt that the US has accumulate, a shift the US as center of the financial universe may change.   The US has Pluto returning to its natal position at its birth in the 1776 charts.  This Pluto return, can be deeper than a Saturn return, and with previous empires like Rome has been a signature for a fall from world power.   The shift of the US’s power as center of the world may just be inevitable with the Pluto  return in 2022-2023 but not sure it is set in stone yet.

We have a climax in Dec/Jan./Feb for the world with the Dec. 14th Solar eclipse and the movement toward the 20 year cycle and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on Dec. 21st.   Some people are optimistic that we will turn the corner with it.  Because Pluto is also close to the two planets, I am concerned because about a  repeat of March-May of last year.  Still it seems that US finances could take a beating in the winter and spring.  ( You can get my financial newsletter forecasts daily at www.commoditytimers.com)

My work on gold suggests a climax high into May 2021 and a low for the dollar then and a low for the stock market by then.   With Jupiter going into Aquarius in April 2021 I have hopes that this mess will be over by then and that people will realize that government is not supporting us and that more freedom will rise up   I am disturbed by huge fines for people not wearing masks, curfews and arrests around the world by certain government.

It is up to you look for the truth and not be duped by Rahu again at the beginning of Gemini like we were back  in the fall of 2001.    Help others, trust in God and be safe.   The roller coaster ride is not going to be over right away.  May God continue to look over us and run the show and that is why I love that famous statue of Jesus from Rio de Janeiro in our cover photo overlooking the city.

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