Sun in Virgo Sept. 16-Oct. 16

Mercury in Virgo until Sept. 22nd

Venus in Virgo: Oct 23-Nov. 16th

Its fall and with the planets transiting through Virgo, it time to focus a bit more on this sign.  Virgos by nature are frustrated as this sign  is one of the more material signs of the zodiac but deep inside they do have a deep spiritual longing.  Often their material desires are frustrated and they suffer deeply.  Like the other Mercury ruled sign- Gemini, Virgo does not really have a planet, which vibrates fully with it and even Venus owning the 2nd house can cause problems. Virgo can feel intensely dissatisfied with the cards that life has dealt them.

Virgo is one my favorite constellations but it is riddled with challenges if you have Sun, Moon or Rising sign here.  The sign is challenged by its quest to seek perfection in everything and being disappointed when it cannot be realized.  Virgo’s purpose is to work with their material life to perfection and not be dissatisfied with it. If they stop thinking of the future and start accepting their life the way it is and enjoying it, much of the dissatisfaction will go away. They are at war with their own imperfections and the imperfections of others but they need to dive deep and find the humor to lighten their worries. They tend to be humble and wanting to be anonymous rather than be in the light like Leo and often the first constellation of Virgo, connected to the Sun who owns the 12th house creates strong desire for fame and being seen but at the same time wanting to hide in the cave and not be seen.

Virgo more than any other sign care deeply about the suffering of the world.  The Germans have a great word for this called “Weltschmertz.”    As everyone knows the sign is very connected to the Divine Mother and the Virgin and to the earth goddess and in modern culture is connected to Mother Mary or Lady Fatima.  The deepest energy of this sign is the love of the world mother for all  the beings on the planet.   It represents the primordial creative power of the Feminine.

Virgo is deeply  connected to the renovation of the Earth.  Perfect timing with the world protests for the climate. It is thought that Virgo was originally connected to the planet that blew up and became the asteroid belt and hence it has this enormous power that has to be properly channeled and used.  It is thought that Virgos have incredible psychic and intuitive power but it has to be mastered properly and not misused.   Unless Virgos channel this energy into philanthropic endeavors they will be frustrated by routine work and their ambitions ferment and churn.

One of the center constellation of Virgo is Hasta (Virgo 10-23.20) and this creates a core conflict between the emotions and the intellect and inevitably Virgos have more difficult core level emotional crises than many other sides.

The nature of Virgo is always deep dissatisfaction with what is and hoping for something that cannot be obtained.  They long for the spiritual regeneration of society but remain perpetually frustrated.  They have a deep fire burning inside of them that when dark can create deep sexual desire and when higher, it can create deep artistic and mechanical perfection.   In the constellation of Chitra ruled by Mars (Virgo 23.20-Libra 6.40) or the Uttara Phalguni (ruled by the Sun  Leo 26.40-Virgo 10.00) there can sometimes be a lust for power and when they fail they feel depressed or dejected.

Virgos excel at creation, organization and administration and these talents often have to come out in the name of humanity for philanthropic endeavors to make them happy.

Virgos are very artistic and their musical talent needs to come out and blossom. They can become  great poets and writers  and they need to channel their creative energy in this direction or get caught up in sexual intrigue.  With Venus owning the 2nd and 9th house, music, artistic creation become a form of religion for them and it needs expression.

At the natural 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgos are very connected to healing and service.  In Ayurvedic astrology, Virgo is the seat of the intestines where so many illnesses can form and that is why intestinal health is so core.  Planets and particularly malefic planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu, placed in Virgo will show what kind of illness you are prone to.

Virgo is  blind to its quest for perfection which perceptually makes them  unhappy. They need to accept things as they are or go crazy.  Saturn is the problem planet for Virgos as it naturally owns the  5th and 6th houses creating issues around traditional beliefs, hard-work, obsessions with purity and cleaning, endless service, shyness and health issues.

The big lesson is that perfection does not exist in the relative world and to seek in the Divine and freedom from the wheel of karma and suffering.  Mercury is the lord of Virgo. If Mercury is badly afflicted and poorly placed, we normally think of Virgos as having problems with being too emotionally uninvolved, having high expectations, being worried and depressed and frustrated and skeptical, finding fault with everything and being a bit lonely and monastic.h.

Special thanks to Bepin Behari and Komilla Sutton and Sam Geppi whose insights have given me knowledge to synthesize this article.

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