With the election still not called people are on edge but once it is called, anger will be released . Mercury in the constellation of Chitra (ruled by Mars) and Mars in the Constellation ruled by Mercury are in a 6/8 relationship with Mars aspecting Mercury in Libra and exchanging stars.  This combination makes everyone a bit angry and ready to fight and it will not lift until after Nov. 11th.   Venus is also opposing Mars between Pisces and Virgo into Nov. 9th and will be felt strongly on Nov. 6th and Nov. 10th and that will also increase battle of the sexes fighting and aggression.

The good news is that the Sun moves out of the constellation of Swati ruled by enemy Rahu  (Libra 6.40-20.00) on Friday Nov. 6th  into the constellation ruled by Jupiter (Vishaka   Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) and that will take a  bit of the edge and connect Sun and Jupiter until Nov. 19th and this will add some wisdom to leadership.  A sneaky Mars aspect from Pisces to Libra will hit the Sun exactly into Nov. 7th and this will start off that transit with angry attacks.

Venus moves out debilitation in Virgo on Nov. 16th and will be far enough from a Pluto  square by the 18th so that will lighten up relationships a bit.  If we are to get more calm, it will be Nov. 17-19th or so.  Venus is too critical and people do not get along with this energy.

We continue to worry about post-election violence but it seems more likely when the final results come in and when the recounts start getting demanded and the lawsuits slapped.   This is far from over and we could easily see it drag on until Dec. 14th when the Electoral College will meet and even then if we have such a close margin, someone will work on swaying electoral voters even if they are mandated to vote for their states but they are not penalized if they do not heavily.   It happened in 2016 with two Texas electoral college voters.

Stay calm, do your meditation and remember that the world will continue and that both sides have good and bad qualities and stereotyping the evil of either side just makes your own heart muddy with all the hate and negativity.  Remember when you point two fingers at someone, three point back at you and you take on their negative karma.  The saints have always been neutral and it is important for being neutral as the karma of politics and politicians is something that you do not want to take on as it is a warrior dharma  filled with lots of Rahu/karma filled with corruption and power hunger.   Save your soul from the craziness. .


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