Jupiter and Pluto will form the third repeat of the conjunction which first happened last April 4th and then on June 30th in Capricorn.  This time it is more powerful in Sagittarius, the sign of law and order and justice and strong ethics.    Usually Jupiter/Pluto brings an intensification of ambition and questing for power and we will see some of that Nov. 9-15th  if you are ruled by Jupiter like Pisces or Sagittarius rising or if you have a strong signature of Jupiter/Pluto in your natal chart.

Given the context of what is happening in the world, the Jupiter and Pluto will force us to look at the way we are running our world and already the government bail-outs are forcing the world government to share their resources to help the masses and poor workers represented by Saturn and Capricorn.   We need this again with a new stimulus package but will Congress come together and get something done now with all the legal chaos.

Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn require government to look at the world in a new way in order to solve problems and that means difficult governmental bodies like the EU with their absurd regulations and agendas around migration and immigrants and budgeting will have to do something different or the EU will not exist in a few years.  Will Brexit lead to massive unraveling or will the EU cave in and realize that they cannot be all powerful to everyone?  I am not sure they will figure it out and seem behind the curve.    Government will be forced to deal with  with the difficulties that they are  facing which has brought the Corona Virus and draconian governmental Plutonian lock-downs which are about to happen again in the UK.

At publication the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will intensify the battle around election integrity  but we worry that when Jupiter goes into Capricorn after Nov. 2oth, the quest for justice and fairness could be subverted.  I remember the Supreme Court Ruling for George Bush becoming President that made me really start searching for the world is run with power games behind the scenes.   Whether you like Trump or not, you all should be concerned  that we do not become a Banana Republic with rigged and corrupt elections.   As Kyle Becker has noted, there are too many statistical anomalies:

As they all move together into Capricorn and Jupiter moves toward exact conjunction with Saturn into Dec. 20th, there could be a positive:  Saturn in Capricorn will help balance Jupiter and Pluto’s quest for extreme power and provide maturity and responsibility to solve the world’s problems and will help it properly allocate resources for the benefit of all.

With  Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions we typically expand scientific discovery so look for new scientific discoveries this year both on the microscopic and telescopic levels.  As Patrick Watson has noted,  scientific discovery can be enhanced with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.   “In the past Jupiter/Pluto oppositions led to the invention of the microscope by two Dutch  spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans.  In 1632-1633 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions led to additional discoveries in the field of Microscope development.  Perhaps we will get new break-thoughs in the virus quickly now with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction.”

As the three planets come together again into Capricorn in 2021 and, we worry about a repeat of the lock-downs which we saw last March-June when they were together before.  Still with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction into Dec. 20th, there may be more healing this time.  The last few times we had Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto together in Capricorn happened in 1285 and then again in 1894 BC that Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter are together in Capricorn.  My friend Juliana Swanson noted that in 1285, the world was first introduced to the concept of debt.  We do think that next year,  world governments that have been irresponsible about debt will have to get very creative in order to bail-out their past lack of responsibility.

The answer is a movement towards a world monetary system and a single currency and moving the world into one cashless society so that all the debt can be magically handled and universal helicopter money can be distributed.  We sense that this will inevitably happen over the next 2-3 years and that the 248-year cycle for the US that peaks into 2022-24 will lead to the biggest changes in the US that we have ever witnessed but the delay in that transformation could be delayed if Trump wins a 2nd term.   We are not going to go there with predictions but we do have a sense of the outcome.  Stay tuned! Suspense.

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