We cannot use astrology to see when the virus will go away and as is the history with AIDS, it has never gone away. We have to go with government forecasts and historical models which suggest that we may reach herd immunity by the late spring or summer. See:

Yes, Ketu moved out of Mula nakshatra in September has helped but then we are moving into winter when we get less Vitamin D from sunlight and into flu season in the late fall and winter. We do not like Jan-Feb-March 2021 as Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter are again together in Capricorn where draconian power grabs to take over people’s freedom will continue to play out as we are willing to shred the Bill of Rights over a fear of a virus. In the past epidemics with measles and TB, we did not shut down the economy and destroy people’s lives. Continue to search for the truth of what is going on here. Yes, the Virus is real and people can get very sick but a very tiny part of the population dies. My doctor told me that 30-50% of his tests are false positives and in some cases, they are higher and we have to remember that the media is reporting increased test results and not how many of those cases manifest into physical symptoms and how many of those lead to hospitalizations. Hospitalizations are up in some areas and that may also be due to flu season coming upon us.

The media reminds us about masks and washing hands which are good things but as you all know unless you have a medical quality M95 mask, a loose-fitting cloth mask does not protect you from other’s virus particles but if you have a sudden sneeze or cough you are at least blocking some particles from going into the environment and that is a good thing. Recent studies in Denmark published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a reputable journal, found there was little statistical difference in people wearing masks vs. not wearing masks in preventing the spread of Covid. I point this out so you do not have a false sense of security about masks and that we have to strengthen our immune system. I do see masks useful in stopping the spread of bacterial infections. See:

Most of you know that vaccines have problems because of ingredients that are used to create them and have side effects and unbelievably, the New England Journal of Medicine still recommends the vaccine because that is part of the modern medical Pharma model that side effects are ok and part of life but as the study shows that level of antibodies does not last very long and hence Moderna’s vaccine may require multiple doses which increases toxicity. So if you are counting on a miracle vaccine, you had better think more deeply and find alternative ways to protect yourself. It’s your choice of course.

So what do you do? For those of you who are health-conscious and know that strengthening the immune system is the best way to prevent disease, there are many things that you can fall back on but if you believe in masks, then at least get an M95 mask. Surgical masks are often discarded after an hour as they get contaminated and in the operating rooms, there is extra oxygen so that the doctors and nurses are not deprived of oxygen as masks.

Obviously keeping up your immune system strong is the best thing that we can do.

Here are some tips:

1) HEALTHY COLON: The seat of health is in the colon and having a clean colon is important to prevent a toxic build-up in the system. If you have access to Ayurvedic treatment, going through Panchakarma to clean the colon is wonderful. Many of us do not have Ayurvedic facilities near us so you can stay on top of your colon by doing laxative therapies and cleaning programs regularly to keep that are clean and toxin-free. My ayurvedic nurse reminded me that if there are a lot of toxins or ama in the body, it becomes a breeding ground for disease. People who eat more meat are likely to have more amma because it is hard to eliminate all the waste products from the colon. My spiritual teacher always reminds me that man was meant to be a vegetarian because we have short colons in comparison to carnivores likes Lions and Tigers that have a long colon as they need it to digest and eliminate meat.

2) INTESTINAL FLORA: Probiotics are key for supporting colon elimination and supporting the system. Many people are aware of this need but most probiotics are half-dead as they have to be properly manufactured and refrigerated from creation to distribution. Dr. Maryann Teitelbaum looking at probiotic cultures under a microscope found only the brand Natren or Garden of Eaten have enough live organisms to do the job completely. You still have to find a distributor that keeps it refrigerated. (I use Vitacost as they ship it in dry ice which is essential for warm climates and the summer.)

3) TUMERIC: Everyone knows about the wonders of Tumeric but most of you do not know that it is activated only in fat such as l ghee or butter. That is why Indian food is so healthy because they fry the spices in ghee. Taking Tumeric tablets will not get the job done completely. Moreover, Tumeric is activating even more with Indian black pepper (different from normal pepper.)

4) ZINC: Anthony Williams feels that Zinc is the No. 1 mineral that the body needs to fight viruses off. My favorite brand is Vimergy Liquid Zinc and you need to take two eye droppers full twice a day. Dairy, eggs, sugar, and wheat, and corn and sugar all feed viruses so cut down on their intake. It’s the spring and it’s particularly difficult to manage dairy now anyway when it’s cold and wet.

5) CATS CLAW and QUERCITIN and VITAMIN C and VITAMIN D: These are also natural viral fighters and I have used Quercitin for years and it comes from the skins of Acerola Berries that make Vitamin C.

6) COLLOSTROM: I like the Symbiotics brand and it is a natural immunity stimulant produced in mother’s milk and is the way mothers pass immunity to their babies. My doctor recently recommends a better brand ImmunoG PRP which is put out by Nu Medica.

7) PROPOLIS: You can find a Propolis mouthwash to gargle with every morning and evening. If you are getting a sore throat, you can use this gargle to kill viruses before they enter the lungs and start causing problems.

7) DAIRY PRODUCTS–Cut them out for now they produce mucus and the virus feeds on mucus. Cold milk is the worst for the system.

8) BREADS AND PASTAS AND SUGAR: Cut them out. They also increase mucus production and non-organic grains have GMOs in them that tax the immune system. Anthony Williams, a natural health expert, feels that wheat and sugar feed viruses.

9) DRINK HOT LIQUIDS— Every 20 minutes. The virus can get washed from your mouth into your stomach where the acids kill it.

10) REST: Stay on top of sleep and meditation and spiritual practice. Get sun as the Virus does not like UV light. Get a UV light air purifier to filter out and kill viruses in the air.

Simple things will increase your body’s own defense system.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner so please listen to your doctors and follow the advice they have given to you. But some other things are common sense and give the medical monopoly and Big Pharma model that our country runs on, we have to look elsewhere for ways to protect our health. You are all conscious and know how to take care of your bodies and do not need the government to regulate how you do it or be forced to take a vaccine.


PART 1 and 2


The Vedic chart can be used to diagnose health issues and the emotional components and belief systems connected to them. This is a vast subject but we have to start somewhere. Indian astrologers were also versed in predicting longevity and many early readings always let someone know their time on the planet.

In this 15 lesson video class, we will learn the basics of Ayurvedic Astrology and then focus on the astrology of longevity and timing of death, and causes of death. Basic knowledge of Vedic astrology is required. Topics include a focus on the 6th house, Vargas connected to health like the D3 and the, chakras and health, special degrees in the chart that may promote illness called mitrya bharga, timing of health and death, and much more.


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