Lots of subtle changes about to happen in the astrological landscape. Jupiter goes into Capricorn today and we have a podcast with Gary O’Toole for you to listen to. Jupiter’s debilitation does not mean that it is dead but that it gets out of dharma and gets lost in the swampy material mud of Capricorn and forgets its spiritual nature. The most important thing about this transit is to double down on your spiritual practice as it is the solution to get out of the mud and the fear that is prominent as Jupiter moves toward a conjunction with Saturn into Dec. 21st but it is just 3 degrees away now so the impact is there.

Saturn moves into Pada 3 of the constellation of Uttarashadha at 3.20 Capricorn on Sunday but still has strength in Aquarius Navamsha. A strong Saturn is not needed as it has more power to wreak havoc. Mars moves into Pada 3 of Revati Nakshatra on Dec. 2nd (Pisces 23.20-26.40) which is also Aquarius so we have conjunction in the D9 chart which can cause frustration, delay, anger, and violence as Mars is afflicted on the mental plane. We are seeing some of the anger rise with demonstrations in Europe about the lockdowns and we think they will increase. The Sun moved into Anuradha Nakshatra on Nov. 19th and while that is a spiritual and peaceful nakshatra it still creates a Saturn/Sun association brewing up discontent with government and leadership and political uprising. This transit occurs until Dec. 2nd and can awaken spiritual longing particularly for Leo Rising or people with a strong Sun in the 1st house.

Mercury is still in Libra but moves into the constellation of Vishakha (Libra 20.00-Scorpio 3.20) and that connects it now to a weak Jupiter in transit. Still, Mercury/Jupiter associations can create love and desire for learning and teaching and in this constellation also a spiritual awakening to move out of the mud.

Venus moves into Swati Nakshatra in Libra Nov. 22-Dec. 3rd (Libra 6.40-20.00). Venus is strong in its sign and a very material nakshatra and its desire and expansive nature to buy more indulge in sensual activity should support Christmas buying as we move toward Black Friday into Nov 27th and Cyber Monday into Nov. 30th.

Mercury moves into Scorpio on Nov. 28th-Dec. 17th and connect it back to Mars and that association can increase arguments and bickering. The darker side of this transit comes out with Ketu in Scorpio and the tendency is to hide the truth, seek instant pleasures, impatient, problems with fiancés, unfulfilled sexual drives, and a racing mind. The affliction to Mercury will increase as it moves toward the Ketu conjunction into Dec. 14th exactly but usually is in trouble a few days before and after.

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 14 degrees Taurus in the constellation of Rohini happens. It is a Penumbra eclipse that will be visible in much of Euro, Asia, Australia, North and South America. It beings Nov. 30 at 7:32 am GMT/ ie 1:32 CST and peaks into 9:42 GMT or 3:43/ CST and ends at 11:53 am GMT/ 5:53 CST. So it is mostly happening in the US while we are sleeping. If you are up to it during it, good to meditate and fast and often eclipses can reveal deep unconscious patterns and insights but mostly a lot of garbage thoughts that you have to ignore and not act on. Eclipses will impact you more if your have your own natal moon or rising sign close to 11-17 Taurus or Scorpio or if you have key planets there and if you are running a Moon/Rahu or Rahu/Moon period Moon Ketu period or Ketu/Moon period or a Taurus period in Chara dasha. Most people fear eclipses but most of the time there is no exact hit or major event unless the dasha and exact conjunction impact you at the same time. There are mantras and pujas to do if that is the case.

Neptune goes direct on Nov. 29th and we will write more about this later.

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