Mercury the trickster and jokester, the businessman, and the one that grounds us to practical earthy matters and fosters communication and writing will be transiting the sign of Scorpio again now until Dec. 17th. It is an afflicted transit due to the conjunction with Ketu into Dec. 14th and deep combustion with the Sun which is strongest Dec. 10-25th (within 5 degrees) and which is conjunct on Dec. 11th. The Mercury/Ketu conjunction within 3 degrees will happen at the Solar Eclipse and will have an impact Dec. 12-17th. 

What does it mean? Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, and Mercury are the bitterest enemies. At best, it may create quick-witted speaking, strength in technical and mechanical and medical work, and being quick to solve problems. I often find in finance it may lead to deals and corporate takeovers I have noted a lot of astrological students have Mercury and or/Ketu in Scorpio and the conjunction this year may allow deep astrological probings with Scorpio being the natural 8th sign of the zodiac and hence it fosters mystical writings, studies and communication, and astrological studies.

From Dec. 1-Dec 8th it will channel Saturn’s energy in Anuradha (Scorpio 3.20-16.40). Anuradha is connected to friendships and spiritual networking the connection there will promote friendships and spiritual outreach but with the channel of Saturn’s energy, it might bring a bit too much negative thinking and pessimism so be aware not to get caught up in negative thinking and not plant weed seeds. Between COVID and post-election squabbling, it’s hard not to get into doom and gloom.

The dark side of Mars/Mercury associations is that it creates angry moods, slow deliberate thinking, strong achievement and ambition, aggressive confrontations and arguments, and ruthlessness around achieving ones’ goals. Also, you have to be very careful to not get into heated arguments while driving as this can lead to reckless behavior and potential accidents. I often find that accidents are a pinnacle of rage that bubbles up in arguments. So, if this happens to you, pullover, and fight it out — but not while driving. You may need to be most careful here particularly if you have a Mars/Mercury association in your natal chart.

Mercury in the natural 8th house of Scorpio is about transcendental thinking. People with Mercury in their 8th houses are quick-minded, have good research abilities and mystical interests, deep meditations and philosophical insights, and astrology. This transit could support deep research and occult inquiries. Mars and Mercury will at least are in a benefic trinial relationship between Pisces and Scorpio and Mars are in Mercury’s constellation of Revati so there is a bit of an association but it still supports mystical studies and thinking.


Mercury, a benefic, will uplift the disturbing eclipse energies of Dec. 14th but the affliction to itself will disturb communication and probably create a new hornet’s nest around the media. Chances are a scandal involving the media will erupt as fake news may finally be proven to really be fake news. This energy will climax as Mercury moves toward conjunct with Neptune into March 29th in Aquarius and this will unveil the illusion of the media and their quest for ratings and sensationalism rather than the truth.

We all should be disturbed by Twitter and Google and Facebook censorship as highlighted in Congressional hearings and the general media black-out claiming no election fraud. Most of the major media outlets are owned by six conglomerates and it has been very easy to mount a coordinated gas-lighting of the public. This has been going on for 4 years with the Russian collusion story around Trump which was shown to be bogus after 500 investigators and 48 million dollars was put into searching for election fraud and Russian collusion. It was all made up by the media for ratings. It is still going on and just like the Muller verdict a few years back when the election rigging results come out to the public, there will be a shock. Whether you like Trump or not, you should be disturb when our basic freedoms are manipulated. If you are not on top of this, see

This on-going storm is likely to intensify into Mercury conjunct Ketu and Mercury conjunct Neptune. Whatever your political affiliations, it is disturbing that our news is about entertainment and ratings and now propaganda and not about the truth. We urge you to dig deep for the truth over the confusing next months as there will be deeper distortions emerging.

Mercury is conjunct Ketu can also bring up quick shifts in thinking with spiritual undertones.
Thoughts may be subtle and highly intuitive during this transit so pay attention to those little hints and ‘ah-ha’ moments! This may be particularly true for Gemini and Virgo rising or those of you with Mercury in the 1st house. This will be a good time to focus on spiritual and philosophical pursuits in career, hobbies, and writing. It’s also a good time to go on a pilgrimage or meditation retreat. Still, you have to be thoughtful, discriminating, and seek first to understand any new occupation that you undertake in order to avoid losing your mental stability.

Still stay on top of computer backups and virus protection and malware attacks as Mercury conjunct Ketu will bring their fair share of problems.




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