I love this wonderful message from Yogananda about the Birth of Christ at Christmas and it reminds me of the need for rebirth at this time of year.  Whatever religion you are connected to, the importance of rebirth of our inner Divinity is important at this time of year and particularly at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction where Jupiter in Capricorn losing a war to Saturn brings a cycle low for our interest in religion and Divinity at a time when we need it most.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Every day, every hour, every golden second, Christ has been knocking… Now, in this august sacred dawn, Christ is especially coming in answer to your inner call, to awaken his Christ Consciousness Omnipresence within you.

This Christ of Everywhere is sleeping in the breast of Eternity; He loves to take new birth at any time, anywhere, especially in the warmth of your true affection. Though the Infinite Christ is present in every speck of space as the splendor of ever new wisdom and creative expression, you can never see Him unless He chooses to be seen in the cradle of your unceasing devotion. The cozy crib of your heart has for a very long time been small, holding self-love alone; now you must make it enormous, so that social, national, international, and Cosmic Christ-love may be born there and become One Love.

The Infinite Christ is everywhere; worship His nativity in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and other true religious temples. Every expression of Truth flows from the All-pervading Christ perception, so learn to worship that sacred Universal Intelligence in every pure religion, belief, and teaching. Since the Cosmic Christ dreamed into existence the divine being that is man, you should celebrate the birth of Christ in your newly awakened equal love for every nationality and race.

From “A Cradle for the Christ of Everywhere” in The Second Coming of Christ
(Special thanks to Juliana Swanson for sharing this wonderful quote.)

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