Yes Pluto is important and yes it is not a minor planet. It is very real and has a key influence.  Pluto moves into sidereal Capricorn on Dec. 30th  and stays there until Jan. 15, 2040.  The dispositor of Capricorn is Saturn and hence Pluto in Capricorn will be heavier than when Pluto was in Sagittarius.

Pluto is connected with power and transformation and in extreme cases death of the old so that the new can arise. The cocoon has to be destroyed so that the butterfly can emerge.

Dennis Harness, notes that the Indian astrologers have started to pay attention to more the outer planets:

“According to Mr. Desai, he saw an ancient Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga. The great seer Vasistha was the author of a number of hymns in the Rg Veda (dated 3000 BC) and was considered a great priest of the kings. According to the ancient palm leaf the names of the grahas or planets would be Prajapati, Varuna, and Yama. (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) The palm leaf went on to reveal that the jyotishi’s of Kali Yuga would need to decipher the significance and meaning of these powerful grahas. It was refreshing to hear a traditional jyotishi from India speak with such an open mind toward the influence of the outer planets.

Yama, the god of death (and transformation) is clearly connected to Pluto.”

In Mundane astrology, Pluto is connected to deep secrets, mass media, mob psychology, crowds, gangs and terrorism, atomic energy. Pluto stays in early degrees Capricorn 0-2, and then retrogrades in early May  and it seemed like mass fear increased when Pluto went into Capricorn last Feb. 24th, 2020 as it was now channeling Saturn instead of Jupiter. Last time, the stock market went down 12% that week and the fear about the Coronavirus seemed to increase exponentially.

With twenty years of Pluto in Capricorn, we had better understand its influence on the individual and on mass psychology.

Pluto is often connected to Scorpio and that means we should connect it to the 8th house and to deep psychological darkness and going into the underworld to understand are depths. At its highest, I think Pluto represents Divine will that forces us to surrender and let thy will be done and as we move to enlightenment, we have totally let go of ego and surrender to the Divine if we are cross over the razor’s edge. St. John of the Cross, a Christian mystic when often have very difficult experiences on his quest to discover the Divine. He talked about them as “dark nights of the soul.” It takes great faith in the Divine to hang on during these dark moments and depths of sadness and loneliness and periods of uncertainty. If you have a Pluto transit happening within a key point of the chart within 2 degrees of the rising sign, the Moon, the Sun or the chart lord, you may go through a Pluto moment and dark night. Pluto forces us to surrender and change our self-defeating behaviors and blind spots and to grow and if we are stubborn, then even death may be necessary to shake us out of our rigid ways.

Like any planet, there is archetypal pure energy and also a shadow side. Pluto rules crime, dictatorships, and fascism and the dark side and it also rules deep devotion and surrender to an ideal and ultimately surrender to Divine will. Pluto on the bright side can be a light of revelation, which enjoys shining its beacon spotlight on the dark corners of our psyche and mind, and showing us what lies beneath the surface. Pluto seeks to unearth our blind spots and ignorance. Sometimes it needs to create massive disasters in order to awaken us to the way we are destroying the planet. Even the Coronavirus scare is an example of what happens when you play with mother nature the wrong way. Strong evidence suggests the virus is an escaped prisoner from the Wuhan Biological Weapons lab. It’s not nice to play with genes when you do not really know their impact. Science too often tries to play God and we have huge problems now with GMOs in our food supply and their negative impact on health.

Pluto requires us to take more responsibility for our lives and our planets and our world. When Saturn was conjunct Pluto in the sign of Libra in 1982, we had the AIDS epidemic and Libra is the sign of relationship and suddenly people had to look at the way they were having sex. In the sign of Capricorn, connected to business, infrastructure, the material world, and politics, the world is going to be forced to look more deeply at ethics in business, world social and economic structures and the inequalities that developed from the global elite.


Pluto is connected to the underworld, the metaphor for the unconscious and the secret part of our self. It represents power and the need to control others and at its darkest, it is connected to dictators. In Capricorn and conjunct Saturn through June 2020, its darker energy comes out but great things can be accomplished. Pluto and Saturn share a strong desire for success and the ability to transform in a powerful way. This energy can help us get stuff done and have the energy and enthusiasm to do so. There are strong ambitions here and sometimes the dark side will cast aside other’s viewpoints and opposing views to get what it wants.

Many signs of the zodiac cannot handle Pluto who plows ahead with its power like a bull in China shop to transform through its sheer power. I think of Pluto in Capricorn like a great body-builder in the Olympics finding immense power to lift up a huge weight and balance it and hold on long enough to get a gold medal. Pluto in Capricorn can accomplish enormous tasks.

Pluto in Capricorn seeks to transform and the social order and overcome the inequalities between the global elite and the common man.

On an individual level, Pluto in Capricorn will give you the power to fulfill your goals and give you incredible focus if you can harness. At times it will seem out of control and chaotic and destructive but it can be handled and Capricorn rising may be able to do that best. Still, you have to remember not to bowl over your colleagues in the process of achieving your mission.

Pluto hates being controlled. In Capricorn, he can follow the rules but he has to be careful with his intensity. As Pluto goes fully into Capricorn we will see more leaders rise up with the power to want to change the world With the 2024 Pluto return to the US natal Pluto, huge US transformation needs to happen or the US will no longer be the country that we know.

Pluto in Capricorn is determined and will not let go of its vision. It desires to overhaul and transform the world. It tends to bear the heavy energy of Saturn and be too serious and needs to learn to lighten up. It has an intense no-nonsense energy and takes no prisoners. Get the job done at all costs. As such it becomes too forceful for many but at the same time, it wants to be unchained from the shackles of the power structure. The United States came into being during Pluto in Capricorn and that revolutionary spirit is going to come back with the Pluto return.


Pluto is very connected to money and debt and the movement that seeks to forgive student loans and provide free medical care is an energy that will continue to grow. The student loan program has enslaved our youth for years and does need to be undone but we have to find practical solutions to free higher education to all and Capricorn has to bring it down to earth with a concrete plan that works. The same can be true of our medical system. Nixon, during the presidency, unlocked the hospital’s ability to make profits and this changed the US medical establishment and their interest in inpatient care vs. profits. Pluto and Capricorn will seek to heal all of this and bring reality to our national debt and the Federal Reserve system. It may destroy something in the process but it will rebuild and rebuilding is necessary at this point in the planet’s evolution.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions associations bring life-changing global events, fear of loss, disturbing power  grabs and restrictions, draconian power grabs and assertions of governmental authority and crises that chance the structures of society.   It is also connected to transforming the working class as Saturn is the signification for the common man and empowering them to fight for their rights.  It also can create compulsive austerity and create crises around security.  In the sign of  Capricorn it is connected to government, business structures, policies and governmental laws and public institutions and engineering the building of infrastructure. Expect a new deal type infrastructure rebuild as American bridges and highways  and roads need major work and it has been the 50’s since major money went into building America.  But with Capricorn, everything is slow and takes  a long time so not until April 2022 when Saturn goes into Aquarius will there be a sense that some phase of it is done.

Saturn likes to create borders and boundaries and flex its muscles with its authority. Governments are becoming intense with this and maybe they need to be but in some cases, it is too much. No wonder, governors and world Presidents have become   become crazier in controlling the virus using its totalitarian energies. Pluto conjunct Saturn warps and distorts Saturn making it more paranoid, apocalyptic and bringing out the darker side of Saturn. Traditional Vedic astrologers not familiar with Pluto were dancing at the thought of Saturn going into Capricorn its own sign but they forgot to take into account that Pluto is a first-class malefic of mass psychology that can sink Pluto into deeply subconscious fears. It is creating apocalyptic mass hysteria and some of it is very real.

Luckily  Jupiter is also in Capricorn until April 4th and   that will lighten things for the winter and early spring.   Maybe with Jupiter being weak and falsely optimistic, we will continue to believe all the propaganda about the vaccines and the virus.

This has us concerned about the next few years until Jupiter gets into Pisces in April 2022 but with Saturn in Aquarius April 2022 -March 2025 and with Jupiter in Aquarius April 2021- April 2022, we are going to have to deal with massive societal transformation.   I am hopeful that Jupiter in Aquarius will allow people to unlock the chains of the dictatorial lockdowns that are not based in science and which are not stopping the pandemei.

The old way of doing things will not work. This is a good thing but will it be painful and apocalyptic or will the world rise to the occasion?   Our big concern is that when world economics break then world politics break and then world conflicts erupt.   China has definitely shown itself to be a predator as has Iran and will the powers that be allow more than economic wars and cyberwars  to erupt?   China has strong ambitions now to be No. 1 and will the US will have to see through its  divisive strategy of buying US politicians and corrupting our youth through Marxist educators. There is also evidence that they have supported a number of local attorney generals and as a result they are not prosecuting criminals and letting them out in the streets to cause more mahem.

We are sensing that this pandemic will go into 2021 and not be over until 2022 and that many more lives will be lost.   Still modern   medicine and hygiene have advanced too far for it to be as bad as the 2018-20 pandemic but we all fear mutations or additional crazy outbreaks and we are in a time window where we have to stay on top of our health.    Still, the media at their worst with Rahu still aspecting Gemini (yes a 30 degree aspect is full for Rahu) into March 2022 and the media is feeding  the mass hysteria and the Saturn/Pluto connection in Capricorn is feeding the fear of the unknown that Pluto so deep represents.

As I have written before, we cannot ignore the Coronavirus and Saturn should be giving us a wake-up call to take better care of our health and move us toward spirituality. . Sugar, dairy, meat, and eggs provide breeding grounds to feed viruses. This may be a time to change your diet and cut back on foods. Time to get better rest and increase your immune system with products like Collostrom, Gaia Whole Body Defense, and Olive Leaf extract which increase the immune system. Quercetin, which is made from the skins of the berries of Acerola.which is often a key component in Vitamin C complexes, is very effective in fighting viruses also. If you stay healthy, you are going to be less vulnerable.  Avoid dairy as it is hard on the liver and increases mucus build-up. Still the Corona Virus is so mysterious and it also attacks the heart and the kidneys (Saturn aspects onto Cancer and Libra) and we have to stay on top of exercise and do everything we can to stay health.

I am reminded by my dear friend, Juliana Swanson of Saturn’s curse which means even the best astrologers can only be 70% right.  The world has some level of free will and Jupiter in Aquarius April 4, 2021 until September and again Nov. 21, 2021 into 2022   we will definitely see a pick up in social unrest of people remained trapped under lock-down. Each area of the world has different needs but we do think that by July,  there will be some venturing out more and restoration but there will be too much fear for people to go to movie theaters, Disneyland, packed restaurants or empty malls and the world will continue to move inward and online.

I am continuing to work on the world outlook for my financial publications and will report more.   I am concerned about Pluto going back into Capricorn and staying with Saturn until late April 2022 so there will be no easy solutions and major return to the way things were.  We are in a major societal and political and economic transformation and these things are never easy but in the end they are necessary.  At some point people need to take back their power from government and throw their corrupt leaders out and the movement to recall Newsome in California is a start.

Special thanks to Muhammad Irmam for some of his thoughts on Saturn/Pluto


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