Secrets of the 4th House: The Start of the Quest for Liberation

This is our  1st  article on the Moksha Houses, the 4th, 8th and 12th houses:

The 4th house is generally discussed in terms of home and mother but in the Vedic trilogy of house groupings, it is a Moksha or liberation house and connected to the more difficult 8th and 12th houses. In fact, it can be a more troubling area than most astrologers tend to admit. The 4th house from the Moon can be a place that brings deep emotional wounds and physical illness. What are some of the secrets behind this very important house?

The 4th house, being intimately connected to the heart and the heart chakra, is a place where we learn to cope with experiences through feeling and emotional wounds. It is a place of liberation representing our emotional life and the need to retreat from the world to gain emotional freedom. If there is no emotional happiness, then we are compelled to search for liberation and enlightenment to move out emotional pain.

It is one of the most important places in the chart because it is where we seek peace and fulfillment for our heart.

The 4th house shows our emotional strength, the housing we need and capacity for peace. Outer happiness and success are nothing but a reflection of our level of inner peace. The fourth house represents the sensitive nature of our heart, where we are easily wounded and of which we are always protective. It is a place where we feel personal vulnerability and it is the realm of innocent feeling. Our physical home is connected to the 4th house because it represents the sanctuary and resting place where we can be safe, secure, and free to explore our feelings and not be subject to the outer simulations of the world.

On the deepest level, the 4th house and 4th chakra is connected to our higher centers becoming a place where we can tune into our intuition. Disruptive planets like Mars and Rahu in the 4th house create too much desire and agitation to allow for peace. Moon and Venus here create calm and comfort to allow us to safely start our journey toward liberation.

The 4th house is connected to the warming, nurturing expression representing the deep safety and comfort of the mother. It represents the home and the experience of emotional security that enables us to start the Cosmic Journey toward Liberation. It is a Moksha house, a house that propels us toward deeper eternal bliss, knowledge and happiness into the 8th house where meditation and Samadhi can occur.

The 4th house is where we go when we collapse to a place of retreat. It also rules family, ancestors, and homeland. If we are troubled emotionally, we often have to go to another family member’s house to retreat for our psychic health.

But here is where it can have a haunting impact as it brings in troubled family and ancestral karma that block our happiness. Hence, a complicated 4th house can remind us of all our ancestral baggage. Take the 4th from the 4th to get your grandmother and the 4th from the 7th to get your great-grandmother and you will trace your complicated family maternal ancestry.

The 4th house is connected to midnight in one’s chart while the 10th house is high noon. It is a dark place sometimes where you find yourself late at night before you go to bed in the unconscious realm of the mind getting ready to fall asleep. Planets in the 4th house and transiting the 4th house can stir up unwanted family memories leading to exhaustion. It is an emotionally vulnerable place.

Planets placed in the 4th house have an eerie, unconscious/subconscious quality to them like planets in the 8th house, and here deep and dark ancestral patterns and problems want to stir. Talking about 4th house planets and connections is difficult with clients because they often represent dark, hidden family fears and secrets.

Saturn here suggests a strict home with lot of rules. Mars may have a lot of anger toward family and if not dealt with, an intruder might move beyond your personal boundaries space with a threat of violence. Jupiter does best here, creating deep love of family and of course Moon and Venus are most at home and comfortable here.

Rahu creates very unsettled emotions and desires that block happiness. Ketu here puts one on the quest for spirituality and the quest for, “Why am I not happy?”

Connect the 4th house to the 8th house or the 12th house through association and there are deep karmic insecurities about homelessness that can develop. This fear can haunt us all if the 4thhouse is connected to Saturn or the 12th house. No wonder that the homeless often suffer from depression when the nurturing source of home and mother are not within reach. This is why the 4th house is such a deep house and its secrets require clearing ancestral and family patterns to find peace.

Yes, the 4th house is home and now we know why the home is so essential to our happiness and ability to move forth into the world for deeper unfoldment of consciousness and liberation.

Home is that sustained mood of inner happiness and security that allows us to wander, experience peace, freedom from worry, and freedom from demands, and then return to center. It is an important foundation to start our quest for Moksha and that is why the 4th house is a house of liberation.

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