The largest challenge we are facing in our world is accepting opposing viewpoints without getting overly charged and destructive. I recently was with a few people who were gossiping about some mutual friends and noted that they had to be dismissed because they were Trump supporters. I live in a very Liberal community, and I often hear comments like this. Our world has gotten so polarized that we are ready to fight and denounce people if they do not think or believe what we do. I find this a bit frightening. We would rather destroy a relationship rather than let go of what we think is right or having our ego not willing to bend and let in an opposing opinion. The world is losing critical thinking now and it or our illusion mind will think it is crumbling if we possibly let in new truths or stay open to opposing views. When we are stuck, we are unable to see the truth and let in opposing ideas this keeps up stuck. Finding the truth now is very difficult with Rahu, the planet of confusion still aspecting Gemini, the sign of media (yes there is a 30-degree aspect from Rahu) until March 2022.

Political differences have existed for time immemorial and often lead to war but we seem to have moved to the edge of intolerance and today’s lack of acceptance. What is wrong now? People should be judged by who they are and not by what they believe or what party they support. I have been through this with religion with my family. Are they Jewish? Are they observant? How about are they good people and do they help others and do they live their truths? We think that our life is wonderful if everyone was like us or if everyone believed what we believe. This is absurd. God rejoices in the beautiful mosaic of religions, races, skin colors that make up our diverse planet.

If you have a lot of malefic planets or aspects connected to the sign of Sagittarius or if you are Sag. rising and Jupiter is afflicted this may create this problem of stuck beliefs or religious or political self-righteousness.

When I was young, my grandmother taught me that all Republicans were evil and I carried this view well into adulthood. Of course, there are good Republicans and bad Democrats and to judge anyone in such a polarized way is destructive. Unfortunately, our whole country is divided around this issue. It’s good to see both sides. I have always been behind the poor and working class with my exalted Saturn but at the same time as a businessman, I see the practical side of balanced budgets and capitalism. There are always two sides and the truth is in between. But we get rather entrenched in our belief structures and we are not willing to let go and will argue about being right because if we do not our delicate ego will be destroyed. It is all maya. It is particularly difficult with the polarization of our country and the media is influencing us unless we use our critical mind. Our beliefs are always changing–and they should be. Why are we so intolerant now?

The media has been lying to us for years and if you really want to know the truth, you have to dig deep, and even then, we never know what internet blog to believe. We have organizations like Project Veritas who go undercover at CNN and other organizations and tell us what is going on but you have to dig to find this stuff. Since 2000 when Bush was awarded the Presidency by the Supreme court, I have spent a lot of time digging for the truth and the way the world is run by the Globalists and the Power Elite. If you talk about this stuff you are labeled a conspiracy buff but that is their way of negating your search for truth. Monsanto spent millions twisting the truth when investigative journalists talked about the dangers of Round-up weed killer and finally last year Bayer, the new owner of Monsanto paid out 10 billion to settle all the cancer suits. I remember posting something about Monsanto and GMOs and dangers on my blog and immediately a troll came on and challenged me. We forget that corrupt people have lots of resources to protect themselves and make us feel wrong. This is currently happening with vaccines. If you speak out against vaccines, your You Tube or Facebook post will be removed. What is wrong with this? Scientists are often at odds about what they think and no two doctors will have the same opinion. We have to be open to looking at all perspectives and not shutting out people or being closed.

I have a few friends who are still tactful about this and say “, thank you for sharing that article. I read it and it is interesting but I tend to disagree with it but I honor your passion for that perspective. ” This is not what usually happens. It needs to happen more.

People are unfriending people and the media stirs up even more polarity and hate. The current perspective in the media is that all conservatives are domestic terrorists or Nazi supremacists. Of course, this is nonsense. There are few nut jobs in every party, but these kinds of blanket categorizations are undermining our country. I have a lot of conservative clients and they are wonderful people; they work hard and they go to church and now those values are denounced and they are put in a box. Please cancel your subscription to Cable propaganda and look elsewhere for the truth

Opinions and people are always changing. Why try to hold onto them. When I was 21, my brother told me he as interested in astrology and I laid into him and today I do it professionally. I spent years worshiping Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and her brilliant intellect and her crusade against George Bush but then more recently I sense she makes up stuff for ratings and she is really twisted. I have searched long and hard for the truth of how our world is run and what is happening behind the scenes and it is ugly but the answers are not in the mainstream media and you have to dig deep to really find the truth.

Please stand up and fight for truth, freedom, and justice; and do not get stuck in politics and media manipulation. It’s not about whether you like Trump or Biden or not, it’s about ethics and truth. What is happening to our world when we are more interested in destroying people because of our beliefs and political values. This is not going to end well.

Please do not get into political arguments with me. That is not the purpose of this article. I see both sides. I neither want to be Republican or Democratic, but I do want the truth, justice, and fairness and not lies, manipulation. Help others and let go of being stuck on one side. Do good research and search for the truth and support the health and welfare of everyone no matter if they are Republican or Democrat or what their political or health views are. Fight for fairness before you are thrown in jail for saying the wrong thing or speaking out. There are many that are trying to destroy the 1st amendment and freedom of speech and want to move us to become another Communist China. Big Media’s censorship around politics and vaccine safety is the start of this.

The US is at a vital juncture point with the Pluto return into 2024 and either we transform or we will perish. It is up to you and your free will and your openness to not destroy our world or to stay stuck in your beliefs. There is always room for more than one opinion!


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