Jupiter  moves into the constellation of Delphini the Dolphin know in Vedic astrology as Dhanishta March 4th, which is located Capricorn 23.20-Aquarius 6.40. The constellation is connected to music and mastery over the material plane. Its nature is very diverse as it can adapt to any situation it finds itself in. This constellation is ruled by Mars. This constellation reminds me of the energy of the superhero or great soldier who can deal with any problem or situation so great to conquer ignorance and unjust social causes with lots of energy. Like most warriors and soldiers, they do not do well with married life and if you have Mars, Saturn or Rahu or Ketu placed here it can create rocky marriages. Still, this constellation can give fame and abundance. The symbol of this star is the drum and the Sanskrit name means the wealthiest or the most beneficent or the most heard of. Shiva is the main deity of this constellation and which destroys ignorance and the craziness of the mind but does so with musical grace.

Jupiter has trouble with the Capricorn section of this constellation as he is not happy with married life as it takes him away from his spiritual Dharma. The Aquarius section which arrives when Jupiter moves into Aquarius on April 5th is more auspicious and becomes a time of deep celebration when the debilitation in Capricorn ends and there is a spiritual rebirth. In India, this is marked with the Kumbha Mela, which happens every 12 years when Jupiter goes into Aquarius which in Sanskrit is known as the sign of Kumbha. This year’s Maha Shiva Ratri holiday on March 11th has to be particularly auspicious with Jupiter (also connected to Shiva) and Dhanishta (connected to Shiva) happening! The movement of Jupiter into Aquarius marks a time when there is a deep symbolic return to spirituality and remembering of one’s Divine essence. People who were born with Jupiter in Aquarius in the constellation of Dhanishta have a strong spiritual nature and a strong ability to see their shadows and the ignorance that binds them to the material world.

The first quarter of this constellation (23.20-26.40 Capricorn) (March 5-18th) craves fame in being connected to the Sun and is not good for marital harmony. It can bring challenges as it makes you satisfy others’ needs above your own which means that unfulfilled personal ambitions can create frustration. It has an 8 relationship between the Capricorn and Leo in the D-9 chart known as Ashtamamsha so it requires a deep transformation of co-dependency and if you are ruled by Jupiter (i.e., Pisces and Sagittarius) it will be a big period of transformation. Mars is currently transit Taurus and moving toward a conjunction with Rahu into March 25th so key transformation will be needed around family and marital life at this time.

The 2nd quarter (26.41 -29.59 Capricorn) (March 19-April 5th) is ruled by Virgo and connected to business and the material plane and Jupiter will feel a sense of loss here getting embroiled in material life and marital discount. There is often an archetypal conflict between Virgo and Pisces (Jupiter) between the idealistic spiritual realm and the practical material and business world.

Rebirth happens as Jupiter moves into Aquarius, April 5th in the pada of Libra (Aquarius 0-3.20) April 5-23rd and more music flourishes as spirituality is celebrated with bhajans and spiritual merriment and new philosophical and intellectual probing into the nature of the Divine. Pada 4, April 23-May 22nd is ruled by Scorpio (Aquarius 3.20-6.40) is the most challenging section of the constellation is it brings the intense suffering and intensity of Aquarius together with the intense spiritual probing and psychological mud of Scorpio. Jupiter will bring its light to this Pada to help get us through difficult transformations.

People with Sun in Dhanishata (born Feb. 6-18) moon or their ascendant in this constellation are brave warriors, often military leaders, do well with sports, and are ambitious. People also excel here in organizational leadership and are very disciplined. It bestows wealth and success for people particularly if Mars and Saturn are well-placed in people’s charts.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton for her work on this constellation.


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