It has been very intense in the world lately with Covid and politics but unfortunately that will soon go a bit into warp speed until late March with the Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit.


Kala Sarpa yoga is  when Rahu and Ketu contain all the planets between them inclusively in the zodiac but a single planet going out of the axis, negates it.   So between March 6th and 10th . all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio it will be operating..  The yoga first got set up  on Dec. 30th when Venus went beyond Ketu and now transits into Sagittarius on Jan 3rd.  When  the Mars   crosses beyond Rahu in Taurus on March 26th, the yoga will end. The moon going into the Rahu axis between Scorpio/Taurus.

While not normally included, Pluto and Neptune and Uranus are  also part of this combination which would impact the sense of world gloom as the outer planets impact the world more.

Some schools of Jyotish scholars think that if all the planets are pointing toward Ketu then it is a spiritual yoga called Kala Amrita Yoga.  Others think that because Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde and that it should reverse the count so when all planets are between Ketu in Scorpio and Rahu in Taurus it would be operating.  One of colleagues, Christina Collins holds this opinion and I agree with her.  Prash Trivedi thinks in either case their is a messy imbalance of solar and lunar energies that create either aggressiveness or passivity.  You know which configuration is true because your solar plexus will go into warp speed and you will have a lot of male and solar energy to push forth your agenda and bowl people away or you will become a wallflower and just let things happened and feel victimized and be stuck in not being able to do much.  For now when the moon moved beyond Ketu on March 6th, so the last two week period will kick in.  With the climax of Mars conjunct Rahu peaking into March 28th in the true node system, we should get some global climaxes and also end the series this year.

Kal means time and Sarpa means snake and the yoga or special planetary combination refers to the subconscious caught in its rope of karma, unable to pull free.  The impact of this transit which is running every two weeks now between now and March 28th, is the psychological impact of being caught in destiny–kind of like a nightmare that you cannot extract yourself from but desperately want to wake up from.  The analogy falls short but it is kind of like a lot of intense things keep happening and hard to prevent from happening.  In the US this will intensify election dispute energy and surprises around the Deep State and corruption in the US through late March.  It will seem like an extremely tumultuous time in US history as BLM and Antifata and other protest groups will rear their ugly heads again like we saw last May and everyone will seem angry and intense and out of control.

If you have this combination in your natal chart, it could be felt strongly  into late March  and particularly if you are running Rahu or Ketu periods on the first few levels of your dashas.  Some people may not notice it at all.  It is thought that after Rahu ripens around age 42, the impact of this yoga is not felt as much.

In natal charts, this does not impeded success but can create a lot of trials.  Nelson Mandela, Paul McCarthy, Harrison Ford and George Bush  and Margaret Thatcher all had this in their natal charts and they paid their price on a deep psychological level.

The karmic access involved depends on what houses Taurus  and Scorpio represent in your life. For example if you are Scorpio or Taurus rising, then the 1st house of self and the the 7th house of relationship are impacted.     If you are Leo rising  rising, then conflicts between home and work may be impacted with the 4th and 10th nodal axis.

So there are mitigating impacts if the natal chart lords of Rahu (Venus) and Ketu (Mars) are strong and well-placed or in  in Transit.  Also Jupiter can come to rescue in the natal chart or in  or in transit as Jupiter trines Rahu  still March but the aspect is wider than in Fewb. .  Jupiter’s trine to Rahu will help soften the situation a The bright side of this yoga is that it can make people industrious, hard-working and aware of one’s talents despite continual restlessness.  Still with the wrong placement it can lead to  to betrayals from friends and relatives if 2nd and 11th houses are impacted which would be the case for Virgo and Aries rising.

Again, the transits will trigger the yoga particularly if you are born with this combination in your natal chart and you are running a Rahu or Ketu period. This yoga happened for many for people born in the summer of 1954 and it may be reactivated strongly.  Many will not notice it but it is still an intense time for the world.

The Rahu /Ketu emphasis from Scorpio/Taurus  will also favor rises in mundane matters and will great affect the political scene. The natural 2nd  house of Taurus  where finance and banking are connected as well as food supply and restaurants and Scorpio the natural place of the Deep State, secret societies and sexual secrets.   Will the truth about the CIA and the FBI and their impact on running the show come out? Will the Govenor of New York finally be de-throned?

The bright side of this yoga is discussed by my friend,  Juliana Swanson of Astral-Harmony when she writes about it:

“This combination can tend to remind us of what is missing in our lives, that which is needed to find more harmony and balance. This dynamic can have an all or nothing flavor to it. Key words are “intense, sensitive, extreme, fixated or obsessive.”

Again, donate and help people in need, do your spiritual practices and turn to spirituality during this time.  This yoga can be a wake-up call that all the material success or frustration cannot satisfy the intense longing for the Divine and it could propel you deeper in your search and ultimately is a good thing.   For consultations sign up on under the Consultation Tab at 

(Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and B V Raman and Juliana Swanson  for their discourses on this subject.)

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