Rahu In Rohini (Taurus 23.20-10.00)/ ALDEBARAN UNTIL OCT 5, 2021


Rahu retrograded into the constellation of Rohini, (in astronomy know as Aldebaran) the star of ascent (Taurus 10 00’ to 23 20’), and stays there now until Oct 5th. It is now channeling the energy of the Moon which moves every 2.25 days so it is an emotional long-term transit as Rahu eclipses the moon and creates emotional upheaval. In general, Rahu in Taurus is powerful for sexual expression and procreation and Rahu does benefit from Venus’s wisdom so he is less compulsive. Artistic expression is enhanced as well as supporting the arts, media, and entertainment but the Saturn aspect of Libra into 2022 is dampening this energy also. Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio can learn to balance the material and spiritual dimensions of life and live 200%. Taurus is in the natural second sign of the zodiac so cravings for more money, more food, more new clothes, and jewelry will come up during the transit. Aspect to Rahu will now go to Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn and this will increase material desires also.

The primary deities for Rohini are Brahma and Prajapati, the creators of the universe. The shakti experienced here is the ability to “foster growth and creation.” The 4th pada (Taurus 20- 23.20) is owned by Cancer and so Rahu is creating a double dose of emotional upheaval that requires letting go and this transit runs through March 30th. The 3rd pada (Taurus 16.40-20.00) is owned by Gemini and Mercury and Rahu is particularly strong in Gemini where its crafty intelligence and creativity and swindling nature flow best and this section lasts into June 1st.

The 2nd pada is strong (13.20-16.40) and owned by Taurus and has deep soul strength (vargottama) but fosters strong indulgence and material desires and the fulfillment of them still leaving one empty in one’s abundance (June 1-August 2nd). Still, with the Rahu/Moon connection for Virgos and Aquarius rising which have secondary ruler connections to Rahu, there can be much more emotional imbalance.

Rahu in Rohini could get swept away by sexual indulgence and sensual stimulation and material craving and while Rahu is thought to be exalted here if you are on a yogi path, Rahu in Rohini can pull you away. The inner call of the constellation is romance, passion, and sensuality and Rahu can get very over-balanced and out of control. Even if they find a partner willing to go deeply into that realm, there is never complete satisfaction or fulfillment as Rahu is insatiable. The positive side of the Rahu/Moon connection in this constellation is the ability of the soul to be open to change and transformation and creating a new way of thinking and fostering new ideas. Still, Rahu in Rohini pulls the soul out of meditation and into the material and sexual realm of allurement.

Rahu’s partner Ketu stays in the constellation of Jyestha until June 1st and then moves into Anuradha. The conflict between Rohini and Jyestha is a conflict between the higher energies of Scorpio that want to draw the soul into deep meditation and transformation and liberation and the sensual pull of Rohini and Taurus. This inherent conflict between the material and spiritual gets amplified. Learning to enjoy the riches of Taurus has to be balanced with spiritual practice to create 200% of life. When Ketu is afflicted it may negate the material and create loners and people who just want to meditate all the time. Rahu beckons us to enjoy the present world of the material but Ketu continues to haunt us with cleaning up the past–particularly in Scorpio.

When Ketu moves into Anuradha (Scorpio 16.40-3.20) June 1-Feb. 7, 2022, the conflict is a bit different. Anuradha is a deeply spiritual constellation ruled by Mitra and reveals the Inner Divinity at the core of the material craving. The conflict increases between the quest for sexual love in Rohini and the spiritual love of the Divine in Anuradha. This transit beckons you to move in a more tantric direction where physical love gets transformed into Divine love. It is important to avoid one-night stand and lusty cravings and transform your true love into something more Divine.


Rahu, the planet of desire and ambition will be conjunct Mars the planet of action exactly on March 28th in the mean node system. When they are within 3 degrees of each other March 22-April 1st. Because Rohini is connected to a very sensitive part of the world zodiac, this conjunction is particularly troubling for world politics, wars, and violence. When Saturn was in Rohini in 2001, we had the events of 9/11. Expect some global explosion of war or violence to flare up. It is usually Saturn in the Rohini Bheda which causes major problems for a long-time but a long transit of Rahu (which has some Saturn qualities) is not helpful and can lead to droughts and turmoil.

On a personal level, the transit creates great energy to want to act, to move forward after not progressing for a long time and can unleash huge amounts of energy but if people get in the way, it might lead to losing one’s temper easily. The key with this transit is to take the energy for creative purposes and channel it to create great inventions or technological advancements but avoid being hasty or over-enthusiastic or accidents and overworking could stress the adrenals. Health-wise, blood pressure can be increased if you do not slow down with this energy so be cautious and avoid being reckless or driving like a maniac. Calm Mars and pita with less spicy food, more coconut water, and milk, and more meditation. The Warrior Pose will balance Mars and allow it to stay more focused.

Since Rahu acts like Saturn and is an enemy of Mars, this aspect can be intense and difficult. It will promote outward courage but the Vata/air element of Rahu may promote inner fear. The tendency may be to lash out recklessly so be cautious. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, it may promote good achievement with career, athleticism, and adventure but avoid recklessness and watch rash tempers that might lead to violence.

On a mundane level, this aspect may lead to more political craziness than usual as Mars is about leadership and power and Rahu may drive politicians out of control to make rash decisions.

On a spiritual level, Rahu/Mars can foster the courage to move through difficult spiritual challenges as is clear in the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, a great freedom fighter. We have to think that the protesters in the US and the rest of the world are going to get stirred up by this aspect and get a bit wilder and lead toward Jupiter going into Aquarius on April 5th and support lashing out against totalitarian rule and power control trips. Jupiter’s aspect to the Mars/Rahu conjunct will smooth the ride and bring wisdom for positive transformation.

Rahu will conjoin Mars in Rohini with an exact conjunction on March 28th but a strong sphere of influence between March 22-April 1.


Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and her work on Nakshatras.

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