New Moon New Years  Chart for USA & UK

by Paul Barker.

Editor’s note: Paul Barker is a member of BAVA and c0-moderator for Jyotish Currents on Facebook and has studied with Sanjay Rath for many years. This is his assessment.

The following is a series of speculative predictions based on the Chaitra Sukla charts (Vedic annual chart drawn at the new moon in Pisces)  for several countries. The New Year begins with the precise conjunction of the New Moon and the Sun in Pisces. Further charts (not discussed) may be drawn for the ingress of the Sun into various signs which reveal further information (based on the vara or day lord planet) relating to matters concerning crops, minerals, rainfall, etc. For example, the day of the Sun’s entry into Cancer each year indicates the influence on crops.

The Chaitra Sukla Chart for the USA is shown above:

The Chaitra Sukla charts of all countries in 2021 have 4 key features:-

  • Sun and Moon are in gandanta at nearly 290 Mercury is also in Pisces and is combust and debilitated. Generally, one may expect world leaders to experience severe pressure this coming year
  • There is an inauspicious kala sarpa yoga between Scorpio and Taurus, with all planets moving towards the mouth of the demon (Rahu), or conjunct Rahu (Mars). Juliana Swanson in her Astral Harmony blog has stated that ‘Kala sarpa has a destabilizing quality and can point to collective fated events … Kala sarpa paints a perfect picture of polarity’. The kala sarpa indicates bandhana for the people and  increasing division in societies that is already manifesting between the ordinary population and the so-called elites and political classes
  • There is a graha malika (garland) yoga from Saturn to Mars stretching over 5 signs. The planets starting and finishing such a garland yoga are the most important, the ‘kings’ of the chart. A Saturn-Mars yoga is a Yama yoga indicating death (transformation) and restraint. This may indicate the continuing restrictions imposed on most countries in response to the corona virus situation. It is noteworthy that Pluto will be in Capricorn and conjunct Saturn for a considerable period. We can expect to see more authoritarianism from governments worldwide as the reset initiated from the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in December 2020 plays out. Rahu is afflicting Saturn by graha drishti (Jaimini aspects from sign to sign) , and Saturn is afflicting the planets in Pisces (Mercury and the 2 luminaries)
  • There is a parivartana yoga (PVY) exchange between Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus. This will mitigate to some extent the effect of the Yama yoga, with the consequence that we will probably see reduced fatalities from the virus compared to 2020. However, Venus in Aries is subject to a papakartari yoga (a malefic scissors yoga) between the Sun in Pisces and Mars and Rahu is Taurus. Venus placed in the fire sign of Aries indicates private enterprise will suffer

For the USA the annual Chaitra Sukla chart starts on 11 April at 22:31 pm  Scorpio is the lagna, placing Mars in the 7th house of war & conjunct Rahu. The presidency of Joe Biden has already seen a build-up of military forces in the Middle East. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu suggests that cyber warfare may play an increasing role, and the President has been reported as stating that his intention is to wage such warfare on Russia (the 2021 chart for Moscow has a Pisces ascendant). The garland yoga starts in the 3rd house (related to communications including satellite communications, trade within the country, relationships with neighboring countries, border clashes, and primary and secondary education), and finishes with Rahu and Mars in the 7th house (war, international affairs, trade and alliances, and lawlessness in society and general immorality).

7th Lord Venus is placed in the 6th house (Aries) indicating that business relationships with the world may sour this year. Uranus is also placed in Aries indicating unforeseen events, possibly of an explosive nature related to the military (e.g. possible explosions on warships). It also raises the possibility of the sending of military expeditions to deal with enemies without forethought. Economic poverty may also occur, plus corruption in law courts. Mars is the 6th lord conjunct Rahu. Mars will gain strength from the parivartana yoga with Venus. Nevertheless, the 6th house in mundane charts represents employment, and unemployment may be expected to rise this year.

Mercury is the 8th lord and is afflicted as well as debilitated in Pisces. Standard texts would suggest problems in the entertainment and film industries, possibly involving lawsuits and scandals. There may also be resignations in government and adverse consequences for the national finances and public debt, pensions, death duties and capital gains taxes.

Jupiter is placed in the 4th house (Aquarius). Expansion in the education sector may be anticipated. However Jupiter is also placed in a papakartari yoga and so some caution is required. Jupiter in Aquarius is  placed in the 3rd house of the USA chart (Sagittarius as the lagna). This is a maraka karaka sthana (MKS) placement for Jupiter indicating ‘death-like suffering’. In situations of war this indicates some kind of military defeat and/or espionage by the enemy.

It is interesting to speculate on the position of the President. Scorpio lagna has 2 lords. Mars is afflicted and in PVY with Venus. Does this indicate a change of leadership with Venus replacing Mars due to hidden forces (Venus is 12th lord in the Chaitra Sukla [Vedic New Year chart]) ?




Consideration of the UK chart reveals Capricorn as the lagna. The 1st house represents the country as a whole. Saturn as lagna lord represents the head of the country, which in this case is the monarchy. Saturn is in MKS and is afflicted by Rahu. There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth will experience another annus horribilis. The stage is set for a difficult period of transition. The consort, Prince Philip, has died age 99 just a few days ago, and there is the ongoing soap opera of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rumors surrounding her son, Prince Andrew. One may speculate that the Queen (shortly to have her 95th birthday) may experience ill health herself this year.

Capricorn represents big business and organizations, Saturn is the 2nd lord relating to the economy, which may experience fluctuating fortunes. In addition, 6th lord Mars represents employment, and this may have negative consequences within the UK and indeed most EU countries. We may expect to see civil unrest  played out on the streets of cities like London as the demos (represented by Saturn) engages in a struggle against authoritarian forces (Pluto). Jupiter in the 2nd house (Aquarius) suggest that democratic movements may gain in strength, with the government hit by hidden issues and costs. Mercury (combust and afflicted) indicates clashes with neighbors. Placement in the water sign of Pisces may show these clashes over fishing rights on the high seas between countries like the UK and France.

Mars in 5th house Taurus and conjunct Rahu is not happy. There may be an increase in violence towards women in general. There may be fires in entertainment venues and schools, possibly involving flammable gases (Rahu)

Venus is the 10th lord and represents the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Johnson will be under increasing pressure as the year wears on, despite his party apparently still doing well in the polls. As in the chart of the USA could the PVY between Mars and Venus  indicate a change of leadership? There will certainly be disharmony amongst the people and this is already being seen in the capitals across Europe, with democratic institutions like the UK Parliament struggling to function as normal (the Johnson regime is increasingly ruling by diktat and bypassing the established democratic processes). Ketu in the 11th house (Scorpio) indicates scientific and medical advances and an increase in the spiritual development of the population, but it also opens up the possibility of government use of the military or armed police against its own people. This latter point is now being openly discussed amongst literary commentators.

We live in turbulent times and the current planetary arrangements mirror this volatility. In making predictions it has to be stated that we need to be cautious. The coming 12 months will probably show an overall improvement on 2020, though the authoritarian nature of many governments will be challenged on the streets as people awaken to what they are being subjected to. Big organizations may well flourish but at the expense of smaller businesses and rising unemployment. It is said that spiritual development rises in times of crisis. Let us hope that the collective consciousness of mankind steers humanity in the right direction of compassion as the influences of the kala sarpa od 2021 play out across the Earth.

Special thanks again to Paul Barker.



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